10 Masculine Types of Scarf Knots

10 Masculine Types of Scarf Knots 

Isn’t it sad that people still think scarfs are meant for women only or they make men look feminine?  

Statistically, yes, scarfs are worn mostly by women, but that doesn’t make the accessory womenswear only. If you look at recent street fashion photos, you will see that manly blazers are being worn mostly by women too. It is 2019 guys, there are no limitations in fashion. 

Besides, if you look into history, you will find interesting things such as the fact that scarfs were actually used to identify Roman soldiers, more certainly, red scarfs. Or the fact that in early 1900s pilots wore a silk scarf around their neck to keep warm and prevent chafing. So, it is safe to say that scarfs were heavily used in the military and were a quite masculine piece of clothing back then.  

Over time, scarfs became more fashionable and, of course, women’s fashion made it a whole new thing. But we are not here to cry about that, we think that this accessory can be worn by men and women equally and look great on both sides.  

So, if you are just starting to wear scarfs and want to keep it simple or make it a masculine accessory, then keep on reading. We have listed 10 different ways of scarf knots that will not take away from your masculinity and will make you look extremely sophisticated.  

  1. The Drape  

Image source – media.gq.com 

We are starting with a simple, yet very elegant scarf knot, which does not require any knots. All you have to do is take a medium sized scarf and drape It around your neck, with equal lengths on both sides.  

This style may not keep you the warmest, but it looks very stylish. So if you want to wear your scarf draped, then keep the weather in mind. Draped scarfs have a long history, but they looked their best during the roaring ‘20s. Back then, men were attending to parties wearing mostly silk draped scarfs over their expensive tuxedos. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t rock draped scarfs with casual outfits. If you take a look at the photo, you will see that Joe Manganiello did it quite successfully. You can tuck it your draped scarf under your jacket or your blazer and let it peak through.  

As we just found out, draped scarfs are for warmer months, therefore, they can be in lightweight fabrics and lighter colors, such as cream, and white. Spring and early Autumn are the perfect time to wear scarfs in this style.  

Wearing lightweight scarfs in a draped style gives men a very elegant and sophisticated look. So if that is your goal or your current style, then go ahead and try it.  

  1. The Once around knot 

Image source – www.pouted.com 

This style is obviously the most common one in both men’s and women’s fashion. 

It is as simple to achieve as the first draped style. Basically, you do the same thing as in the first style, but make the left side of the scarf longer, then bring the left side up and over your shoulder, and around your neck to the front again. As you can see, this style provides more warmth and texture to your outfits. The picture above proves that scarfs can bring a pop of color to a dark and sad outfit.  

This style can work for all types of scarfs, even for bulky winter scarfs. It is simple, yet brings a lot of character to any types of looks.  

  1. The Parisian knot  

Image source – www.fullfitmen.com 

The most famous and characteristic knot is the Parisian knot, also known as the European knot.  

It may look complicated but is as simple as the other knots. To get the look you will have to fold the scarf in half and draped it your neck as you would to for the first style. Then, bring the loose end through the loop, tighten it and voila, your Parisian knot is ready. All you have left to do is go out and pretend that you just arrived from Paris.  

This classy knot suits many styles but with smart and casual clothes it looks the best. The Parisian knot is also perfect for winter because it keeps the neck extra warm. It is one of the most warn knots in the history of knots. You can never go wrong with it.  

  1. The Over Hand knot 

Image source – adamkatzsinding.com 

Another complicated looking, yet simple and effective knot is the over hand one.  

To achieve this look, you will have to drape the scarf around your neck again, with the right side being shorter, and the left side crossed over it. Then, bring the left side up through the loop in the neck, and back out to the front.  

This knot lets the scarf shine and be a statement by itself. If you have a scarf in a bold color or a print that you would love to show off, then this knot is just for you. You can also wear neutral colors for the rest of your outfit, (preferably dark), to make the scarf the center of your look. Little accents like that make you stand out from the crowd, especially during fashion weeks, when everyone loves to have their pictures taken on the streets.  

  1. The artistic back and front drape 

Image source – pbs.twimg.com 

Simple and cool, two words to describe this look.  

We have used a picture of the iconic Lenny Kravitz because he represents the essence of this knot perfectly and artistically.  

All you have to do for achieving this look is just drape your scarf around your neck, make one of the sides longer and throw it on your shoulder. And that is all it takes to look cool, not as cool as Lenny, but definitely cooler than the average men.  

Of course, this is a more casual knot, therefore, it will look its best with casual clothes. If you were ever scared to try this style, this is the perfect time for that. Artistic, oversized and comfortable clothes have never been as on trend as right now. And scarfs are a big part of that. It is time to channel your inner effortless artist. You can choose a more settle scarf or you can go as bold as Lenny Kravitz and wear a huge one to keep yourself extra warm and stylish.  

  1. The Fake knot  

Image source – i2.wp.com/  

You can’t call this one a simple knot, but unique is definitely the right word for it.  

This knot is more appropriate for formal and business wear, but if you want to try it out with other styles, you never know what will come out of style experiments. Maybe you will find your new style, who knows?  

To achieve this knot, you will have to drape the scarf around your neck again, with one side being a little longer. Then, take the longer side and tie a very loose knot. After doing that, feed the other end of the scarf through the hole and adjust to get it as tight as you would like.  

Suits on a cold day are a great companion for this knot. You can even skip wearing a tie and replace it with a scarf tied in a fake knot.  

  1. The reverse drape  

Image source – i-h2.pinimg.com 

Windy and cold weather calls for this cozy knot.  

The drape may be a serious and formal look, but the reverse drape is on the casual end of fashion.  

To achieve this knot, you guessed it, drape the scarf around your neck. But this time, make sure that the sides are equal. Then, take the right side and throw it over your left shoulder, then, take the left side and throw it over the right side and voila, your reverse drape is ready.  

This knot will keep your neck and even chin very warm. And It will also give a much-needed edge to your smart casual outfits.   

  1. The Reverse Drape Cross knot  

Image source – www.manners.nl 

With this one, we bring the reverse drape back to the front and make a whole new look. 

To achieve this smart looking knot, you will have to do the usual; drape the scarf around your neck and make one side longer than the other, take the longer side and bring it up around your neck, then cross the longer side over the other side, after that, bring it up and through the opening and tie the knot. This might seem a little complicated, but once you understand and do the steps with a long scarf, you will surely get the knot.  

This knot is mostly suitable for more formal attire since it looks a little strict and smart, but as we all know, mixing styles and experimenting with formal wear is not a crime. Scarfs in any types of knots look amazing with oversized sweaters especially this year, when looking like a romantic country painter is a huge trend. And what is one of the famous fashion accessories, which represent an artist the best? scarfs, of course.  

  1. He Reverse Drape Tuck knot 

Image source – urbanlondon.co.uk 

This knot is very similar to the previous one, but as you can see, there are differences, which make the scarf suitable for other, more relaxed, styles.  

To achieve this knot, drape the scarf around your neck and make one side longer once again. Take the longer side and loop it once around your neck, then take that same side and tuck it through that loop, which you have just created. Then take the other side of the scarf, tuck it through the loop and tie the knot making it as tight as you wish.  

This is a very cozy knot, suitable for colder and windier months. It will go with any style, starting from casual street style, finishing with formal wear. You don’t have to use extra-long scarfs for this one. Moreover, smaller scarfs will be even better for this knot.  

  1.  The Four In Hand knot  

Image source – http://www.blogyourwaytoantarctica.com 

This last one is the most complicated scarf knot out all the knots mentioned in our list, so strap your belts and read carefully if this look intrigued you (which surely did happen if you like putting a little effort in your outfits).  

To achieve this rather complicated looking knot you will have to do the following. First of all, you will need a very long and preferably lightweight scarf because we are going to make many folds for this knot.  

Take your scarf and fold it in half as you would do for a Parisian knot, then drape it over your shoulders. Then take one of the loose ends of the scarf and pull it through the loop, which you have created by folding the scarf. After that, twist the loop and pull the other end of the scarf through the loop and tie the knot. Then adjust the scarf until it is tight and the knots are visible.  

This knot looks very unique and you will definitely get many compliments, as well as questions on how you made it. It will also give an interesting touch to simple and underwhelming outfits, especially if your scarf is in a bold color. But be sure to avoid prints for this one.  

Conclusion: Maybe you have a bad relationship with scarfs because your mom made you wear them all the time in your childhood. But in the adult men’s fashion world, scarfs are one of the most practical accessories ever; they keep you warm while making you look fashionable. To make your scarfs even more interesting and unique use our list of knots and look as if you know your fashion very well.  

Scarfs will never go out of fashion or become unnecessary, so don’t be scared to try them out with different knots and styles, it is never too late.