Spring 2019 Lookbook: 10 Casual Outfit Ideas

Spring is finally getting closer and we all are ready to embrace the more cheerful and colorful fashion.  

Spring/Summer Menswear fashion shows have already happened and we know the trends that came out of them. But most importantly we know what 2019 streetwear is going to look like and we will guide you through the best streetwear outfits for Spring 2019.  

As much as high fashion tries to go back to classic gentleman clothing, the streets of fashion weeks were full of men rocking crazy colors, loud prints, and many interesting personal styles. Streetwear may have its own trends, but having a personal style is one of the main requirements for it.  

We have listed 10 casual streetwear outfits for you to get inspired from and definitely recreate using your own clothes or purchasing some new ones. Why not? Season change is the time to treat ourselves by getting new clothes and catching up with the recent street fashion trends and what not.  

  1. Casual

Image source – s.yimg.com 

The first outfit that we want to talk about is actually very simple and easy to recreate. It is all about comfortable yet very stylish and transitional clothing.  

We think that most definitely everyone has a pair of loose-fitting light wash jeans. And you probably have them too, but in case if you don’t, the market is full of them and don’t forget that every thrift store has vintage lives, which are perfect for this outfit. Now you might think: “this is the simplest outfit, why would it be a stylish choice?” Well, it is all about the hidden trends. Simple things in this outfit such as the baggy jeans are quite trendy this year. Jeans were always a big part of streetwear in different shapes and designs. This year, the trendiest jeans are the dad jeans. So while you think that a pair of light wash jeans paired with a long sleeve sweater is far from being stylish, a lot of men hit the fashion weeks wearing them. And believe me, it is a timeless look.  

But if you pay attention a little to the accessories you will see that they are not that boring as well. We have the “it” bag of the last few years: the fanny pack, which is still going strong mainly because of Virgil Abloh who is not ready to let go of the trendy bag. So don’t hurry to throw away your fanny packs yet.  

And finally the last, but definitely not least, are the shoes. Yes, those are tourist dad sandals, which are a big trend for these warmer months. And you too can rock them and look street style approved. But in case if you are scared to experiment with footwear, neutral sneakers will always save you and they will never go out of style in street fashion.  

2. Shorts, Shorts, Shorts…

Image source – assets.vogue.com 

Now we start the bold but still a casual route. Nothing formal here.  

Warmer weather brings more cheerful and laid back street style. Short shorts for men are coming back from last year and they are a very strong trend for this year. Dozens of men wore short shorts in many different looks for Spring/Summer 2019 fashion weeks and it should inspire you as well to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Because we have always envied men of ‘80s who were not forced to wear long pants in hot and humid weather. You are free to choose the color and length of your shorts, but very short shorts are “In” this year.  

Next comes the top that is a very trendy piece as well as a very bold piece. It is mesh, which is a big trend for men’s street fashion 2019. And it is also colorful ad distracts from the fact that your whole chest is visible. That is perfect for when you are not sure if you want to try this trend.  

Then comes the bag. It is of course a cross body bag, which you probably already own.  

And lastly, the footwear. To be honest, you can wear whatever sneaker you want to with this outfit. Even another bold colored one. But a clean white shoe with long white socks brings the look together perfectly and gives it a retro vibe.  

3. Romantic poet in countryside  

Image source – http://sagaboi.com 

This whole look screams about the new trend for Spring/Summer 2019. It is a new aesthetic, which embraces the romantic, laid back, pastel vibes of the countryside. We can feel that this aesthetic will stay for a long time, so don’t be afraid to borrow some lightweight sweaters and oversized shirts from your dad. And make sure that they are in light pastel colors.  

White loose-fitting trousers are perfect for this aesthetic, especially linen ones. If you look at Spring/Summer 2019 men’s street style photos taken during fashion weeks, you will see many amazing outfits around this aesthetic. We have chosen a look from Jacquemus’ collection because it represents the new rend perfectly in an environment suiting the vibe.  

The next new thing in this outfit is the huge straw hat. This year, extravagant and large hats are very trendy in men’s street fashion. Especially big straw hats, which were known as women’s go to vacation hats. Now they are a thing in menswear, which is amazing. All kinds of hats are trendy right, so don’t be scared to rock interesting shapes and sizes. Not street fashion is all about originality and personal style. 

In this particular picture, we don’t have shoes, because the fashion show took place on a beach in the South of France. But it is not hard to imagine what type of shoes would go perfectly with this outfit. Of course, the best option would be sandals. Tan colored sandals would be great or even black ones. But we all know that a pair of canvas sneakers or Converse would go great with the vibe as well.  

4. Leather coolness  

Image source – s.yimg.com 

As you probably already guessed, leather is very much in style this year, so this outfit Is built around it. 

Men’s fashion weeks showed that the good old leather jacket is everything you need to look cool in street styles photos and in everyday life. All colors and shapes of leather jackets are welcome to this year’s Spring street fashion. Everybody owns at least one leather jacket, so you might not even need to spend money on this trend. Even leather pants are coming back this year.  

When you have the main statement piece in your outfit, you can easily get lazy and wear neutral things that will go with it. In this case we have a rusty brown leather jacket, which is gorgeous and has no need for help by other bold items. A simple black T-shirt and a pair of black jeans, preferably well fitting. The guy in the picture is wearing a cross body silver chained bag, which is quite unique. But if you don’t have one or don’t want to purchase, then wear a black cross body bag.  

For shoes, of course, a pair of black or brown leather boots would be a perfect choice, but brogues and maybe Vans will go with the vibe as well.  

5. Artsy and a little bit of French  

Image source – s.yimg.com 

This look has a lot going on and it is amazing.  

Oui, oui, berets are also a big hat trend for this year’s men’s street fashion. Rock it till it’s here.  

Next comes the brown trench coat. Trench coats are very trendy this year as well and you can never go wrong with it. It is a classic menswear piece. Matched with those brown boots they bring an interesting look to the table.  

The orange zip up under the coat brings a pop of a bright color, which is also very necessary, considering that the outfit is a bit dark. Then a pair of black or dark brown loose fitting pant ground the look perfectly. And, of course, the cross body bag is the way to go these days.  

Overall, the look is quite artistic, but you don’t have to be an actual artist to rock artistic outfits. After all, dressing uniquely is a form of art itself.  

6. Suited but not booted  

Image source – assets.vogue.com 

Men are taking suits to a whole new fashion journey and we are loving it. Suits are being worn in every possible style, but never in their original one.  

Since we are talking about Spring, you should choose light colored suits. That will bring even more casualness to your look. Then ground the light suit with a simple black T-shirt and black sneakers or even sandals.  

You might notice that the guy in this picture is wearing a lot of rings and necklaces. That, my friend, is a good way to break the boundaries that come with wearing a suit. And he is also treating the blazer of the suit as a jacket with open buttons. Johnny Depp would approve.  

In general, suits are actually very easy, because you don’t have to worry about matching the right pant with the right tops.  

7. Everything oversized  

Image source – i.pinimg.com 

We all love our comfort and we are lucky that pajama-like clothing is very trendy right now.  

Oversized pants are a gift from designers and we should be forever thankful. Oversized shirts are amazing as well; first, because they look cool, second; they hide the fact that we ate a big burrito.  

In this picture, we have a very laid back, neutral outfit, which might be simple but looks quite unique. Baggy trousers, oversized unbuttoned shirt, black T-shirt, black beanie and of course, black and white Converse. A look that you will never regret wearing. It looks stylish and mysterious, especially with rounded optical glasses.  

8. Prints are in  

Image source – i.pinimg.com 

Prints are a hard topic because men’s either hate them or love them to death. But they are not as scary as they seem. It is never too late to try new trends. We are sure that your dad will have some interesting printed shirts. So feel free to steal those too.  

Well, you might think that prints are hard to style but there are known ways to calm them down a little. In this case, a pair of nice cropped black trousers are the solution. They don’t bore you because they are cropped and they keep up with the crazy print. Long black socks elongate the legs and a pair of black loafers finish the look of perfectly. 

Nice accessories such as sunglasses and a watch, bring the outfit together even more. Always remember about your accessories, they can make you outfits ten times better. 

9. Matchy-Matchy  

Image source – assets.vogue.com 

Want to look as fabulous as the guy in this pic and stand out from the crowd, then match your clothes.  

First of all, it is very easy to create an outfit when you already have the main two pieces, which in this case are the tan shorts and the tan jacket. All this guy had to do was wearing a white graphic tee underneath his tan jacket, white sock to match the tee, slightly lighter toned shoes and a matching tote bag, which is very trendy at the moment.  

And if you like to show your personal style and it matches with the style of this guy, then go ahead and wear a matching straw hat and a printed bold scarf. And voila, your unique and matching outfit is ready.   

10. Keep it simple  

Image source – assets.vogue.com 

Simple and neutral looks will never go out of style. So if you are not that risky with your fashion you have no time to match things together, this outfit is just for you.  

This is a monochromatic black and white outfit with timeless designs. The trousers are smart and you definitely have a pair like them. The asymmetric black and white jacket is one of the statement pieces, which make the outfit a little exciting in a very subtle way. The next two statement pieces are the plastic tote bag and the bandana tied as a scarf, which is as exciting as this outfit gets. A basic white tee and black brogue or sneakers are the perfect simple finishing touches of this outfit.  

Conclusion: As much as we love men’s streetwear, sometimes it gets hard to create fashionable street style outfits for a new season. Besides, it is still quite cold in many places and it is hard to think about fashion when all you think about is being warm by any cost. But if you love streetwear, it is very important to get inspired beforehand and have clear view of what you want to wear and maybe start purchasing new trends before they are gone from the racks.