Watches for Small Wrists

Watches have always been a classic menswear accessory that shows off one’s style in the most sophisticated and subtle manner. Their size and style are as important as any article of clothing or any accessory really. No man wants to look like as if he stole his dad’s watch, which is too big for his small wrist and will slip down on his hand all the time.  

It is getting more and more difficult to find smaller watches because of the recent trends of everything bulky. Watches are also being made only in bigger sizes and styles. It is very important to find the right sized watch for your wrist because proportions can make your hands and wrists look even smaller than they actually are. If that is a constant concern of yours and you are straggling than keep on reading; you will find out what are the best affordable and luxury watches for small wrists.  

What size is considered small for a men’s wrist? 

This question is the most important part and If you want to know whether your wrist is considered small or not then just simply measure it with a tape. For men, a wrist size measuring 5.5 to 6.4 inches is considered small. So if you have measured your wrist and it is 5.5 to 6.4 inches, then it is considered small and you will need to find the right watch to fit your proportions perfectly.  

You have to consider a few things when shopping for a watch as any shopping really. 

First and foremost, you should make sure that the watch fits into your style because if it doesn’t, it will look out of place, even if it is perfectly proportionate for your wrist and hands. But we have just a little tip for you; A simple watch is always better for a small wrist.  

After that comes the sizing, which in this case is the most important. You have to make sure that the strap of the watch is only a little longer than your wrist size; You don’t want the strap to wrap around and be visible on the front of the watch. Always remember that you can change your straps. Almost every watch gives that opportunity. You can purchase a strap in your wrist size after buying the watch.  

The case size of your ideal watch has to be under 40 mm. This is very important because the size of the case has a huge factor in making your wrist look bigger or smaller. In this case, we want our wrists to appear bigger, so we will have to look at smaller cases only. We don’t need big and bulky timepieces.  

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The thickness of the watch is also a key factor in the purchasing process. As you have probably guessed it; your ideal watch has to be thin. Always try on the bulky watches before thinner ones because you will see the difference that thin watches make. They will make your wrists look much bigger than they are. But if you are purchasing online than don’t experiment; it is not worth your time, just order a thin and simple timepiece.  

Now you know the essential things to look for in a watch and you are ready to choose.  

Here we have a list of watches for you to go through and peak the right one, which will compliment your looks instead of making you look out of proportion to the rest of your body.  

  • Fossil Men’s FS4839 

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We will start our list with a very affordable and elegant watch.  

Fossil is a well-established accessory brand and watches are their main priority. FS4839 was made in 2011 and is still available online. You can even purchase it from EBay for under 100$. The 55 millimeters round shaped case is made out of stainless steel. The thickness of the case is 14 millimeters. This is the biggest watch in our list, but have incorporated it because bigger watches can also suit small wrists. It does not look big and bulky thanks to its lighter colors. The brown leather band’s width is 24 millimeters. The dial is grey and the Bezel’s material is also stainless steel. It features a Chronograph, a Stop watch and measures seconds. It is water resistant for 165 feet depth. It only weighs 4.54 grams. This timepiece has everything that a nice watch needs to have.  

It is a high quality, simple and timeless watch, which you will surely use for years and it will never go out of fashion. It is very versatile and will fit into many different styles.  

Now we will get into the small diameter department and show you a handful of small yet amazing watches.  

  • Casio B640WB-1BVT 

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Casio is the perfect brand to go to when searching for an affordable, simple and small watch.  

This timepiece is on more of the stylish side. It is from Casio’s Vintage collection. It has all the classic Casio features and combined with its cool style it is a perfect watch. With the black on black and silver color combination, It will easily suit any style. It is a digital watch with illumination. The rectangular case is made out of resin.  

The watch has a LED backlight with afterglow and it is water resistant. And it will cost you only 65$. Now that is what we call an affordable watch. And as you probably already know, Casio is known for small and simple watches, which makes them a perfect match for our list of watches for small wrists.  

  • Ferrari Men’s “RedRev”  

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If you love their cars you will definitely adore the watches as well. This sporty Ferrari watch has everything we need and more. But first of all just look its bold design. The face of the watch is designed to look like the speed gauge of a car. That is probably a point that will interest men who love Ferrari’s cars.  

This timepiece has bright red accents against the rich black background, which makes it look bold and sporty. At the top of it, we can see Ferrari’s logo in a contrasting bright yellow color. The band is rubber and as you can see; it looks like a tire of a car, which is a very cool touch.  

The diameter of the plastic case is 38.1 millimeter, which is amazing for small and medium sized wrists.  It uses quartz movement and has a Durable mineral crystal, which protects the watch from scratches. This is a watch that you can wear every day and not worry about it being damaged in any way. It is also Water resistant to 30m (100ft), which means that it can stand splashes of water or brief immersion in it. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for swimming or bathing, but it covers all the other aspects that we are concerned about here. You can find it online for under 300$. 


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Seiko is a well-established watch brand famous for creating the first production quartz watch, quartz chronograph, and kinetic watch.  

Seiko’s collection of the diver’s watches is quite famous around the world. But this one is different for the other watches of that collection. It is much smaller and lighter. The case of this automatic diver’s watch is 37 millimeters and the thickness is 11.5 millimeter.  

The case and the band both are made of stainless steel, which is a timeless look for men’s watches. It has a fold over deployment clasp with a safety lock feature.  

It has the most important and classic Seiko watch capability of resisting water in 200m depth. The hardlex crystal protects the watch from scratches.  

The watch features day/date display with Arabic option, luminous hands, and markers. The round case’s size is 37mm diameter and the thickness is 11.5 millimeters.  

This elegant yet strong watch is perfect for a small wristed man who loves diving deep in the water and being able to check his time there. It is also quite affordable; you can find it for under 300$ on Amazon.  


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This gorgeous watch is Shinola’s smallest-cased men’s watch at 36mm.  

Shinola is known for their classic American leather watches that last for a long time.  

The Guardian has a stainless steel buckle, a bold Arabic numeral dial. The stainless steel case features a unique rounded square shape, pumpkin crown, and sapphire crystal. It uses quartz movement to drive the movement.  

It is a small and simple watch with a gorgeous brown leather strap. You just can’t go wrong with its style and size. You can consider it an investment since it will last for decades and will still look as good as the first time you put it on your wrist. The pricing is not that affordable but it is justified by the timeless look and quality. You can purchase it for 675$ form the official site of Shinola or hunt for it on eBay and maybe you will get lucky and buy it for less.  

  • Zenith Heritage 146 El Primero 4069 automatic 

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This one is for the guys who love luxury watches.  

El Primero is the ultimate child of 50’s and 60’s. This Chronograph uses the exact same case as the very first El Primero watch, the A386, which was created in 1969 and was one of the first automatic chronograph available on the market, but the only with a 5Hz / 36,000vph frequency. Zenith Heritage 146 El Primero’s case is 38mm diameter (the perfect size for us) and it has the same design as the original one.  

It is a simple vintage watch with only the small second at 9 and the 30-minute counter at 3.  

As much as it is a vintage watch, it also has modern touches such as new colors. The Zenith Heritage 146 Chronograph is available with a deep blue or a warm brown dial, both with matching straps. 

Just like the original version of 1969, on the case back it has an integrated chronograph, column-wheel and central rotor, and its most iconic feature, which is the 5Hz frequency that makes the second hand running smoothly. It is water resistant in 100m depth. You can invest in this luxury vintage piece and wear it for your whole life. It costs 6.700$.  

  • Rolex DATEJUST 36  

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It is not possible to write a watch list without incorporating at least one Rolex. Yes, our list is about watches with a smaller diameter and yes, Rolex is famous for larger cases, but this doesn’t mean that we haven’t found a small one for you.  

We introduce you the Rolex DATEJUST 36, which is one of the prominent pillars of their Oyster collection.  

The Oyster steel and yellow gold case is 36 millimeters. Yes, one of the smallest watches mentioned in our list and the most luxurious one as well. The architecture features a Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown. The Movement is 3235, which is a new-generation movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. It is Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding.  

This timepiece is made out of Yellow Rolesor – a combination of Oyster steel and 18 ct yellow gold. It has a Scratch-resistant sapphire and Cyclops lens over the date and it is Waterproof to 100 meters / 330 feet. The bracelet is Oyster with flat three-piece links and it is made out of Yellow Rolesor – a combination of Oyster steel and 18 ct yellow gold.  

This glowing watch is stylish bold and timeless. I may be small, but it is a proud and rightful member of the luxury Rolex family. An amazing watch to have in your family for many many years.  


The size of your wrists should never stop you from rocking the most loved accessory of men’s fashion. It is always possible to find a watch that will compliment your size and style the best way possible.