Light Wash Jeans Outfit Examples Men’s

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Denim jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 and they were only light wash for a very long time. They were also considered as work wear for a very long time but that is a story for another time. 

They were made from durable materials and could last long. Men’s jeans had the zipper down the front, while women’s jeans had the zipper at the left side and both were designed to fit loosely and in form of overalls. In 1950s Jeans without the bib became symbol of youth rebellion after James Dean popularized them in the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. After that, blue jeans became an iconic fashion piece and a must have in both men’s and women’s fashion.  

Blue jeans had their ups and down throughout the century but a big downer was especially when many men ditched them after seeing how good the black jeans look, which quickly became the most popular pants in fashion. But blue jeans will never lose their glory and will never be considered as a fashion mistake especially now, when they are coming back in both men’s and women’s fashion and are a stronger trend than ever. 

But there are many guys who are struggling to style them and that is totally understandable since not everything goes with them right and you have to choose a certain style to be guided by. 

It will no longer seem that hard, after you see our list of stylish outfits with light wash jeans. 

  1. The simple look
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Ever heard someone sing “blue jeans, white shirt”? well, we all did and we all remember this phrase not just because Lana Del Ray’s song is a catchy one, but because it is an iconic fashion duo which exists for many years and has it’s earned place in fashion and also suits everyone unexceptionally.  

You will never fail to look in this combination on days when you don’t really know what to wear. It is a settle outfit that will be stylish no matter what your usual style is. Maybe throwing in your accessories will make it more you. But either way, it will look put together and effortless. And if you are concerned about the weather just wear a long sleeved one and throw on your favorite coat or a lighter jacket.  

For the shoes, it depends on your personal style. You can pick a bold pair of boots to brighten up the look and make it more interesting or keep it simple with a pair of neutral sneakers. Smart shoes are also an option for mixing up the smart with the casual. And also, don’t forget about belts, they can be important not only for proportioning your body especially if your wear baggy jeans and shirts, but also add color, structure and interest to your plane outfit.

And lastly although we have quoted Lana Del Ray, the shirt or the T-shirt does not have to be only white. Darker colors or a bit washed out colors will also look good paired with light wash denim jeans. So go on and wear your favorite color unless if it is a very bright one, which might clash with the jeans in a bad way.

2. The Layered Look

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Fashion is mostly fun when you can layer different textures, styles and colors together and create structured outfits. You can layer things together no matter if you are related to fashion or not. Now is the perfect season for layering and mixing up old and new pieces of your wardrobe.  

When it comes to light wash denim jeans, they are the perfect transitional piece from warmer months to the colder ones. While light ash denim jeans are mostly worn in spring and summer months, they can also be quite appropriate for autumn and even winter. They are clearly loud pants and they demand a more settle partner on top especially when you layer a couple of them. For example, in the picture above, the jeans are paired with a slightly darker wash denim jacket (but still quite light wash) and under that is a neutral hoodie. It is always tricky, when you wear denim on denim but if you succeed the look is worth it. A hoodie is a perfect way for breaking the entire denim silhouette and giving your outfit a depth. It would be even more perfect if the hoodie was black. Wearing with sneakers would be a perfect shoe for early autumn but now, when it is getting colder in places where seasons exist a pair of black boots is the way to go. 

Now, if you don’t want to rock the Canadian tuxedo that is fine; there are dozens of jackets to choose from; starting from bombers finishing with leader jackets. It all depends on your personal style all you have to remember is layering at least a shirt and jacket. By the way, a light wash denim jacket with a leader jacket; that is just the ultimate off duty rock star look, just saying.

3. Contrasting Look

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Wear your light wash denim jeans with darker tones, not necessarily black; you don’t have to. The trick is about creating a contrasting outfit and bringing the lighter jeans to the ground. It will not only make your outfit ten times put together but also much more interesting since these jeans are around for a long time; you have to find new ways of making them more exciting. For example, the picture above features a settle outfit but at the same time, it is quite bold to wear a light wash distressed pair of jeans with an outfit that demands a black pant. White sneakers are the easy way but you can always count on chunky dark boots to make your outfit cool and stand out from the crowd.  

If you are feeling extra sophisticated, you can wear them with a black shirt or a turtle neck, put on a nice watch, a pair of your coolest sunglasses, your smartest shoes and there you have it; an effortless ad definitely timeless outfit for all ages. People even wear light wash denim jeans with blazers and ties, which levels up the office wear scene in the best way possible.  

When wearing something that is in a light tone especially jeans, always consider pairing them with dark and neutral tones, unless clashing prints are your thing. Prints may come and go but color contrast is what has a timeless glory in men’s fashion

4. The bolder look

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Yes, prints may come and go but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace them if you are a man of trends; go ahead, follow Gucci and clash those prints. And by that we don’t mean that you have to go full on 80’s crazy acid wash jeans kind of vibe, not that anything is wrong with that but it might be too summery or too loud for some people. This picture proves that point but we can easily make it a colder weather appropriate. Putting a darker sweater could potentially underwhelm the look but you can always leave the cooler or the bottom of your shirt out so the print could be visible but also not dominate the outfit. A jacket or even a long dark coat would be perfect as well. And also change up the easy neutral sneaker trend and wear something else instead of the easy path that everyone takes.  

But what if you wear a neutral toned shirt, preferably dark and a printed jacket, that would be more combinable since there will be something separating the print from the jeans. You can see how perfectly well that works in the picture below. He even added a flannel, which is a perfect companion for light wash jeans.  

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5. The cowboy look 

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Speaking of flannels and jeans; The cowboy look is back to the men’s fashion world and is strong as never before and Raf Simons is the one to blame.  

You don’t necessarily have to wear the Canadian tuxedo, or authentic cowboy boots and hats, but they are definitely trendy at this very moment and will continue to be in the upcoming seasons as well.  

You can experiment and have fun with this one, which makes it exciting to dress up almost as an actual cowboy.  

But if you don’t want to look like you are off to a Halloween party when it is not the season for those occasions, then just use a couple of accessories or just the shoes with your light wash denim jeans. For example, if you wear leather cowboy boots with a grey pair of jeans and a black knit sweater, that will balance out the extravagancy of the boots and will focus the eye on the combination of your light wash jeans and shoes.  

This is a trend, which means that it may live for a very short time, so enjoy it while it lasts and make your dreams of becoming a cowboy become an acceptable reality in men’s fashion.

6. The grunge look

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Light wash jeans were made for pairing the with distressed, oversized sweaters and layers, they were made for Curt Cobain to wear and influence the whole grange fashion of the 90’s. Surprise, surprise, 90’s fashion is quite popular now in men’s streetwear. So this is the perfect time to go thrifting and pull out your old, baggy and ripped jeans out of the dark corners of your closet and let them shine in all of their glory.  

The older jeans are, the better, the baggier they are, the better, the more distressed they are, you guessed it; the better, so never get rid of your jeans, you never know when will come your grange phase.  

All washed out colors are perfect for this look. And it is quite easy to style grunge outfits in colder seasons, because sweaters are an iconic part of it. Wearing shirts under them is not less of an iconic look. Just let loose, be comfortable and wear everything oversized. You can even stop bothering about how clean your shoes are. The “it” shoe for a grunge outfit are of course, worn in combat boots, but nowadays, sneakers are dominating the shoe game and are suitable for every style ever existing. 

This effortless and careless style is mostly for artists and they look the best in it, but of course, it is for people who love the grunge era while not being an artist themselves as well. 

In conclusion: There is nothing hard in styling loud pieces such as light wash jeans when there is so much inspiration surrounding us on the internet, in fashion history, everywhere.