Advantages of Being A Streetwear Fashion Lover

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Men’s streetwear has and will always remain as the best choice when it comes to choosing a style. Why? Well, there are many hidden and obvious reasons, which we will investigate for you and if you are a man, who wants to try it, don’t worry: we will help you make the decision quicker or even right away.   

Ever since streetwear Shawn Stussy blessed us with his surfing, music and high fashion inspired clothing line in the mid-80’s, streetwear took over took over big cities such as New York and Tokyo. Streetwear will never leave fashion since it is the most culturally filled and unique direction in this field. 

First and for most, streetwear is for everyone.  

Literally every single man can rock street style and pull it off. In fact, if you look at street style photos taken during fashion weeks or on regular days, you will witness so many types of people that it will be impossible to even think that streetwear is not for you. Teenage guys wearing loud and risky outfits, students in smart or casual or often mixed outfits, elders in elegant and timeless outfits, businessmen in bold and colorful suits, artists embracing streetwear fully, everyone looks good and interesting in street style. But the main reason of this diversity is that Streetwear is not just one general style, which you will either adore or avoid at all costs: Streetwear is a one big fashion direction, which has an extremely wide and interesting selection of very different branches: Formal, sporty, casual, minimal, vintage: These are the big branches which have dozens of small branches which might even have their own ones. You have so much choice that you might even already be wearing streetwear pieces and all you need is just being aware and styling them right.

You can always experiment with streetwear and mix two, three or even more styles together. Layering is a key trend right now and even color blocking is still a thing. So there are actually no limits, you just have to stay true to yourself and to your style. But don’t ever underestimate a comfortable oversized outfit on a long working day. Streetwear does not have to be crazy all the time; there are many minimalistic and comfortable styling options for you as well. Even on runways, we often see oversized silhouettes and comfy fabrics looking as stylish as the extravagant ones. Streetwear always has your back. After all sportswear is what is in the base of the streetwear.  

Expressions of Streetwear

It is vibrant, it is bold and it makes dressing far more enjoyable. Who said that only women should have fun with their fashion choices and have a variety of it?  

Men’s Streetwear is getting more and more limitless as well, with massive dad sneakers and excessively crazy layering becoming well-received trends; you are free to improvise yourself. You can even go through your dad’s closet and not spend thousands of dollars on sneakers or clothes that you can easily  

Get as a “hand me down” from your relatives. This and thrift stores are also one of the biggest advantages of streetwear. As much as people complain about streetwear being overprized and overhyped, you are free to find similar pieces for far cheaper prices in your local thrift stores. After all, those overpriced pieces are designer, and their price is justified by their well-known name. And at the same time, there is nothing bad in investing in them as well since they are well made and will last for a long time.  

Forever Changing Culture of Trends

Streetwear has always been around and was considered as a trendy direction but these past few years especially, streetwear completely monopolized both high end and fast fashion worlds, so if following trends is something that you enjoy doing, street style is the best choice for you.  

Thanks to its trendiness, streetwear is very easy to get: starting from dozens of online stores and market places which provide us huge selections of underground and designer pieces, finishing with thousands of thrift stores, as well as physical stores of famous labels.  

Streetwear always had and will continue having a strong connection with Hip-Hop music. All our favorite rappers are street style legends or are faces of the most famous streetwear labels. They serve us amazing and unique looks in every paparazzi shot. And that makes it extremely easy for us to style streetwear outfits and be bold like them. Asap Rocky is everyone’s favorite, when it comes to fashionable rappers. He is not only a brilliant rapper but also a bold and unique street style lover. He has a whole generation following his fashion steps. And he is not the only one. If you look at Jaden Smith’s paparazzi shots or even red carpet shots, he is always rocking crazy and loud street style outfits 

Popularity of Streetwear

Yes, you have read it right; wearing certain clothes and being in the right city at the right time can make you famous. Many guys became models or bloggers or buyers just by dressing in street style. There are certain photographers; you may call them street photographers, who are scouting on the streets all day long to find men dressed in unique outfits. Of course these photographers are the most active on fashion weeks, but some of them work for magazines and are always on that hunt. All you have to do is wear a unique or even a laid back street style outfit and be confident in yourself, they will find you themselves, don’t worry.  

Similar Language of Streetfashion

There is so much that can connect two people who are waiting in a line to get a garment that they both are passionate for. Those long hours in lines for Off-white and Supreme pieces can give you friends who love fashion as much as you do and that is what’s amazing in all of these since not all your friends can understand and share your love for street fashion.  

But the main uniting point of streetwear is of course, social media and more specifically; Instagram. Every day we see dozens of stylish people showing off their outfits and we ourselves do the same. Which some may consider as a vein thing but fashion is fashion especially street fashion is a whole culture. People even find their other halves by scouting for interesting people under the hash tag of street style. But if you don’t find the love of your life don’t worry: you will definitely up your dating game with the help of your fashion game. Everyone loves a street style legend.  

Timeless Culture of Streetwear

Yes, streetwear is for everyone without any exceptions, but it also has a very young following, which brings to it being youthful. But when older people rock street style that does not make them look as if they can’t let their youth go; streetwear makes them look young, fresh and stylish. Certain styles even look better on older people, especially tailored gentlemen outfits. Look at Nick Wooster; he is the star of all fashion weeks and all street photographer hunt for him leaving behind little kids dressed in Supreme lauded outfits. He is an amazing example of men who can never do wrong in street fashion.  

Inspirations of Decor

We all know and accept that high fashion is a form of art. But don’t you think that styling streetwear outfits is turning into an art form as well? We see people on street style photos and on fashion weeks looking like they are coming from museums. Many guys wear extraordinary things with classic or trendy pieces and it works somehow.  

Streetwear gives you the opportunity to constantly express your personality and your own style. There are no strict rules or patterns to follow. You want to wear clashy prints and unmatchable colors? You can do whatever you want to as long as that is trendy or at least in your style.  

Expressions of your personality without verbalizing