ASOS Streetwear Review


In the age of online shopping there are many known and well established online shops. Anyone who has ever boat clothes online have definitely heard about or used Asos. So what kind of an online shop is Asos actually? 

The Britain based retailer Asos is not just a market place where you can find your beloved brands, it is a fashion brand itself, which besides colabbing with other brands also creates its own designer pieces. Asos Design interprets major fashion trends, while also adding their own spin. They also have Asos Edition which is more for the guys who love to rock statement pieces and stand out with their loud outfits on special occasions.  

There is the cool and colorful Asos Made in Kenya which works with Soko Kenya and improves the lives of the locals by giving them the opportunity to have jobs in this field. Asos also has an active wear line called 4505 which is filled with choice for your activities. They often do collaborations with famous brands and create unique pieces. 

Asos also has brands that you will not be able to find anywhere else such as Noak and COLUSSION.  

But what we really are interested in is the streetwear which is now monopolizing the fashion scene and taking over many online shops. 

Asos is one of the first sites which comes too our minds when thinking about shopping for clothes online but does it hold a good selection of streetwear? We will find out right now!


The Marketplace:

When you enter Asos’ Men’s section, you see all the classic categories such as Jackets & Coats, Shoes & Trainers and so on and so forth, but we are here to find the real street wear section not the usual list that you can see in any online shop. Now for that we need to enter The Marketplace which features more than 700+ independent, often vintage boutiques.  

This marketplace has a huge selection of famous and underground, new and vintage savvy streetwear brands and going through them is a real treasure-hunt for those who appreciate unique pieces.  

We can’t really breakdown all these brands because that would take us a lot of time to write and for you; to read, but we will definitely share our favorites, the rest you can see for yourself by getting lost in the huge list of street fashion boutiques. 


One of the brands that we have noticed is the Borderline which is a London based streetwear brand established in 2013. Their brand name is very appropriate to the fact that they produce unisex pieces and as they say themselves: “Our unisex style spectrum is quite large and doesn’t fit in one category as we cross between streetwear, avant-garde and the underground club scene”. Their pieces are mostly sporty and oversized with graphic slogans and dark tones. They are an independent brand and the fact that they make all their pieces personally and organically is just a huge plus to their amazing streetwear garments. 

Mint Vintage

We definitely wanted to mention vintage shops and one of them is Mint Vintage: a vintage store opened by a couple in Covent Garden, London in 2007. All of their pieces are hand-picked from various vintage and thrift stores. Their collection is full of trendy, settle, bold and definitely unique garments for both men and women. 

Yoroshiku 4649:

Yoroshiku is another independent streetwear brand from London which produces authentic streetwear with a hint of “Japanese playfulness” as the would say. They have interesting graphic tees and quite unique prints in general. You can find their “UO” print on matching tracksuits. If bold but comfortable streetwear is your vibe, then go for it. 

So Urbxn Attire: 

Another cool independent streetwear brand. If you couldn’t tell by their name, they are quite into the urban world. They are all about graphic prints and slogans in tattoo shrifts, hoodies and all that kind of street things. They don’t have a huge selection but all they have got is quite worth checking out. 


This one is for the classy guys who love wearing fancy shirts and smart blazers. The brand was founded in 2006 in England. The main theme that we saw in their collection is the focus on the 60’s and 70’s. Their pieces are very classic, tailored and sometimes with bold animal prints or 70’s tacky prints. And at last, they are an independent brand as well. 

Gully Garms

This one is straight up vintage sportswear. You can never go wrong with that. All the classics such as Adidas and Puma, are featured. So if vintage sportswear is your aesthetic, then don’t hesitate checking them out as well.

For Mass Consumption: 

This one has an amazing collection of bright colored, eclectic, sporty streetwear. It is the epidemic of the main type of streetwear.


This one is an independent contemporary streetwear brand which was established in 2010 in Brisbane Australia. They create original high quality pieces. Their main garments are graphic tees and hoodies. Comfort and style all the way. Their prints are mainly focused on “With its mysterious remarks based on true events analyzes religious beliefs, pain and the constant battle of demons that hold vigils over our lives and dreams” as they say themselves.

Continent Clothing:

This brand is amazing in many ways but the most important fact is that they are very conscious about their workers. Their clothing is made in the Gambia with fabrics sourced from merchants across west Africa. They provide sustainable employment to as many people as possible in west Africa. They create streetwear and festival wear using geometrical traditional African wax print fabrics.  

If you love bold and vibrant colors and prints, this brand is just for you. 


This is an ultimate savvy streetwear brand which provides with contemporary and unisex pieces. They are all about graphic slogans and rich colors.

Commonless Apparel:

This American brand is for the guys who love dark and cool street looks. The only colors that they have are black, white and grey. You can’t go more mutual then that and that will make the styling process very easy since these colors go with everything literally. The brand is “the fashion parallel to our increasingly conscious society.  Not strictly by plastering messages across your chest, but embodying equality through unisex fits and a three-shade color palette” as they say themselves.

Blvck Clothing: 

This is an affordable fresh independent streetwear brand providing globally sourced fast fashion clothing specializing in streetwear, trending accessories and complimentary alternatives to fit the ever evolving hype beast streetwear aesthetic. Their aim is to be the high street brand which can provide high quality and on point streetwear instead of cheap, poorly made dupes that the high street usually offers. They are very straight forward with their comfy classic streetwear pieces. 

Freshly pressed socks:

If you never considered sock as an important piece in your outfit, then you are clearly missing out here. They add a lot of character to the look specially to boring and formal ones. We tend to wear darker colors on colder months and our outfits are not so exciting. But when you put a pair vibrant colored and printed socks, you instantly have an interesting touch and a conversation starter in your outfit. Freshly Pressed Socks offer a nice variety of unique socks, they even come with a character card that tells the back story. Your socks will definitely be noticed from photographers during fashion weeks.

Nikolay Kot

This is a fun one. So besides brands, there are many individuals who sell streetwear on Asos and mainly vintage streetwear. Nikolay Kot (cat Nikolay) is an individual seller from Ukraine who doesn’t even have a shop or store. He sells his amazing vintage sportswear and designer finds only on Asos.


In the “Inspiration” section we found “Style feed” which features many interesting articles about people who represent street fashion, street looks from fashion weeks, trends, lots of articles about their new releases and many other inspirational street fashion topics. This feature is very important since they don’t just sell clothes, they also have a platform to inspire and inform men around the world about the culture that they are a part of or at least are interested in.  

For instance, there is an article called “Asos meets the guys behind PAQ”. Now, if you don’t know what PAQ is; we will open your eyes to a very interesting group of 4 guys who have a YouTube channel dedicated to only streetwear. Each of them has a unique individual style which is another proof that streetwear has a very wide selection of styles and different people seeing it differently.  

It is a small article but you can get a general idea about PAQ and just go to their channel if you are interested in more of their content. The important thing is the following: So Asos, which has a huge following gave a platform to guys who really care and represent the real street style.  If this is not a flag that Asos knows what streetwear is and who are the faces of it, we don’t know what is. 

They also have a Magazine which can help you with inspiration equally and guide you to the pieces in the photos so you can purchase anything you like. We are not sure how much is their magazine focused on streetwear but judging by the trends that they follow, we assume that they can see streetwear taking over the world. So why no future them in all their releases.  


Asos is not an online shop that is focused on streetwear only, that is why we went in with a little hope that we could see streetwear featured heavily. But to our surprise, we found out that the sites is jam packed with streetwear brands all over the world. Their market place shocked us with the huge selection of small, independent streetwear brands. As we mentioned before; going through them is an actual treasure hunt, of course, there are some lazy small vintage brads but most of them are quite good. And taking into account that we see so many stores just sitting on our beds doubled the impression positively. We were happy to see their articles with actual authentic streetwear topics which was a he plus besides the fact that they sell millions of streetwear items.  

So yes, Asos is not only streetwear approved but it is also a big platform for its development.