Suits for Streetwear Men

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As much as we all know that streetwear started with sportswear and casual wear, we also know that suits and formal wear will always be a big part of it. Especially now, when streetwear is The Actual Luxury Fashion. During fashion weeks we often see a lot of guys rocking their suits because they are easy, they are an ultimate go-to for any man. The gentlemen look is something that we will never be tired of seeing. It can transform, change colors or proportions but it will always be trendy. How can we even imagine fashion weeks without suits?  

Now, if you want to wear a suit to a special occasion, to fashion week or just to work, you have to know that there are two main ways: you either have to go full on gent and wear all the classics together starting from the color of your suit, with the shoes and finishing with the bag or do what many guys are doing lately; pair it with things out of the style of a classy gent. For instance, with sneakers, with a t-shirt underneath or even a hoodie, or go bold with Gucci’s crazy printed suits. All is in your hands streetwear is at its peak of versatility.  

Every man has to have at least one high quality suit in his wardrobe. We all know that there won’t come a time in the history of fashion when this piece won’t be a staple for everyone. If you listen to us; we suggest you to purchase at least two. One will be the settle formal suit that you will wear to serious occasions or even experiment with it on regular days and the other will be the crazy one, the unique one. It can be in a bold color or a print, you decide.  

Buying a suit is a very Important and time-consuming process, especially if you are ordering it online. Of course buying it from a physical store is ideal, but it is 2018: we can purchase everything online and it will be equally safe. You have to make sure that your sizes are clear and right, even if you want to buy an oversized one, your size is still important since you don’t want the suit to float on you or not be as oversized as you would like it to be. After trying it on or assuring that the sizes are right, always check for the materials and the tailoring. You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to a suit, which will not last long or will look poorly made. Moreover, it would be great to find one, which will be on a cheaper side but will look great. After all suits are fancy articles of clothing.  

If you are buying a suits for the cold season, then wool is the fabric to go for, which is the most common fabric for suits for a long time. But if you have in mind warmer weather, then Linen, cashmere and cotton will save you from being hot all the time. 

So now, if you are convinced in purchasing a suit or two but you have no idea where to get them or what type to get, we have got your back with this list of affordable and luxurious suits. Any of these suits or similar ones to them will be perfect to incorporate in your street style collection.

  • Ralph Lauren Bold Plaid Suit 
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We will start with this charming three-piece suit with Scottish color accents in it.  It is well fitted and quite formal looking. It is perfect for an all gent look on a special occasion or on streets during fashion weeks.  

The colors are just screaming fall; the rich green and the brown and a little bit of orange is all we need this season. The pattern is quite classic but the colors make it more fashion inspired and can be worn on regular days if that is your personal style.  

The outfit in the photo is formal with the tie but party with the shirt. Adding a pair of brogues or even boots would bring this outfit together and make it look street style ready. But unfortunately sneakers will not work with this one, unless you only want to wear sneakers. If you are going to do that to this gent suit at least wear white simple low rise sneakers. 

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The well-known British fashion veteran – Burberry delivered fall/winter 2018 eveningwear and we are not surprised that it gave the world polished elegant looks.  

This extremely simple number is for the guys who just want a suit for evening events and formal parties. You will look elegant, charming, a little bit serious, especially if you wear it with a white shirt.  

Put on an interesting pair of shoes, maybe platform, maybe brown oxford or even cowboy boots would be bold but worth the looks of people.  

Simple looks will never fail to make you look good, so if you are attending to fashion weeks, you know what the men’s version of “the little black dress” is.  

  • Wool jacket with NY Yankees™ patch 
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As much as Gucci is famous for its crazy loud vibrant printed suits, this season it is slowly getting settle because yes, it got overplayed and the trend is slowly going away, especially this colder moths.  

But Gucci is not jumping into plane suit bandwagon yet, for this one, it has a N and Y written on the chest. And not just small initials, the letters are huge and take up all the space and the attention.  

In the picture above, Harry styles is wearing the new collection of Gucci men’s and as always, he looks charming, if you didn’t know suits are his thing, especially unique and extravagant ones. He wore all the printed Gucci suits throughout the past seasons during his performances. So if you are looking for inspiration in the bolder suit department, definitely look him up. 

On this shoot they have styled the suit with classic shoes and a vibrant blue pine striped button up, to give it more Gucci vibes. But if you want to make it more serious, you can wear a black turtle neck or a white shirt under it. Finally, if you are the complete opposite and you want to make it more casual, then go ahead and put on sneakers with it. This suit can look good oversized as well. 

  • Dries Van Noten Fall 2018 oversized men’s suit 
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Remember when we were talking about oversized suits? Well for this fall and winter seasons, they are everywhere and they are taking over the suit scene. You either despise it or absolutely love it. Not many were ready for this trend to be fully approved but now everyone wants to try. It looks so exaggerated and models on runways looked like they are characters from old films. 

It is perfect for thrift shop lovers as well, after all there are millions of huge suits out there not getting much love. Now, they can find their homes.  

Dries Van Noten was one of the best luxury brands that demonstrated how to settle down the crazy trend by the most classic print and color. But if you don’t want to settle it down yourself than we would suggest leather accessories, such as bracelets and suspenders, silver rings and chunky boots, maybe even vibrant colored ones. So you would have the most attention grabbing and unique look on fashion weeks.  

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This is an amazing example of an affordable suit for streetwear. The color is versatile, so you can wear it with all the vibrant colors that you like or even prints. It is comfortable and doesn’t have that formal feel to it. Although, you could definitely make it formal if you wanted to. With shirts and shoes, you know the drill already. There is not much you can do with a suit. 

In this shoot, they have styled the suit with complete street style items. First of all, the hat; it is a bucket hat, it simply screams street style. By the way, hats are amazing for breaking the suit’s serious character as we can clearly see here. Then, under the jacket we don’t see the usual shirt, we see a T-shirt and not just a plane one; a vibrant t-shirt, with a print is also a breaking point for the suit. When you wear a vibrant top under your suit, people won’t even notice that you are wearing a suit, they will think it is just pants and a jacket because the whole attention will go to the top.  

Then we pan down to see a cross body back, Now, it is a known fact, that if you wear a fanny pack or a cross body back it will instantly make the whole outfit streetwear appropriate. You can use this trick with all the suits mentioned above.  

And last, but by no means least; the sneakers. Sneakers are the official shoe of streetwear and wearing it with a suit, will give you all the prod street wear’s men points. 

Overall a very good suit, for the fellow guys who are on budget but still want to embrace suits in streetwear. 

  • JDV men’s 2018 autumn new double-breasted casual suit
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The navy suit. Everyone loves suits in navy blue, it is probably the only clothing item that we see mostly in that color and yes, it is the best color for a suit, no matter what occasion it is or what season it is. 

It is mostly worn for formal and serious occasions. But this season, work wear and formal wear are leading the game. Men, were wearing suits all over the fashions weeks of this season and they were not shying away from formal wear. They were wearing them with classic shoes and shirts, elegant watches and nicely done hear and a pair of ray bans. The Navy suit is perfect for that look. 

This pinstriped double breasted number is the just screaming that the person wearing it, has his life together and the business rolling, even though it is very inexpensive. That is the way to go.  

If you wanted to experiment with a suit probably this one is not the one that you should start with. Although, you could undo a couple of buttons of the shirt, layer some necklaces and wear boots, but as much as you try, this one is going to keep its formal aesthetic. But why shouldn’t you go with its flow? Unless it has nothing to do with your style. Every guy once in a while wants to look all put together and serious and charming and as a businessman. So why not, especially on fashion weeks, you will easily blend in, you won’t have a lack of gentlemen wearing simple suits and looking sharp as ever. 

In Conclusion: If you have purchased a suit or own one for a long time, always make sure to take care of it, even if it wasn’t that expensive. Suits are not something that you will need a lot, unless it fits in your style perfectly, so why treat it badly and purchase a new one on every occasion that brings the need of it?