How to wear denim jackets for guys

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A piece that everyone has and always owned as a wardrobe essential, a piece that has been made by every single clothing brand, a piece that has been designed millions of times before but kept its simple form as the best and a piece that dominates the light jacket department, you guessed it right; we are talking about the denim jacket.  

To start with, we have to state that denim jacket is a casual piece of clothing no matter what you will pair it with, it will still represent casualwear.  

Although we always had them, we can still struggle when trying to style them in new ways or to style them just in general.  

First of all, you have to choose or find the fit that is the best for you. 

Now, Denim jackets are mostly loose around the body and slightly baggy in the arms to allow room for movement. The only thing that should be very fitted is the shoulders. All the rest can be as loose as you want it to. Which will make layering in colder moths very easy. The cut should sit around the waist.  

Guys love wearing huge denim jackets over everything even winter coats and even under them and that looks quite fresh. Some guys love to clash them with sportswear or even formal wear. Street style world will always find ways to style the jacket innovatively and always keep it as a classic. 

Although now it is quite trendy for denim jackets to be quite long. But all of this does not mean that you shouldn’t wear fitted jackets: Nothing looks better than a sharp and clean outfit with a nice fitted light wash jean jacket. After all it is your choice and you have to see what is best for your style and your body type.  

Always go for high quality denim jackets which will not wash out quickly and will never change their shape. And if you think that it is better to buy cheap ones. We will advise you to invest in good ones since this jacket will definitely never leave the fashion scene, ever. 

Then comes the style which is not that hard to choose. There is not much that you can do to a denim jacket and that is why the main jacket form is always the same, patches and reaps can come and go but if you are looking to invest in a luxury one, just choose the classic shapes. It will be your comfort zone and you will always look trendy and stylish in them even if you just wear a t-shirt and jean combo with it. 

Color is the next important decision but there are not that many options, although many brands tried bringing in light pink, yellow and even red denim jackets people still love neutrals. Black and grey are the most versatile ones and at this moment the trendiest ones. Black might be a little too dark especially wearing with darker outfits but grey as much as it sounds unbelievable, can give a little bit of texture to your outfit.  

But if you are looking for more classic and staple silhouettes, then of course, a light blue denim jacket is always a perfect choice. If you don’t want to go for the 80’s over exaggerated look you should probable get a fitted light wash denim jacket. But if you like the 80’s, there is nothing bad in that as well.  

The smartest thing to do is getting a black and light blue denim jackets. This two are actually the ones that everybody should own.  

The big question is: what to wear with it?  

It is a big question but we have the big answers, don’t worry.  

With Trousers:  

Denim jackets look great paired with various trousers and the first type that comes to our mind, are smart tailored trousers. Pairing your denim jacket with tailored trousers will create a perfect in between outfit for when you don’t want to be too formal or too casual. The clash of textures and styles creates a very contrasting outfit. Tailored trousers neutral colors mostly look good with light wash denim since dark wash might give too much contrast. But if you wear vibrant pants a black or grey denim jacket will ground the vibrancy of the outfit.  

You can go full on classy and wear a shirt with your trousers but a t-shirt will be equally great with this outfit. As for the shoes anything will work starting from shoes finishing with polished oxfords.  

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Denim jackets look absolutely charming with chinos. Utility wear and denim have a long history together and they still make up a great duo. This gives you a huge versatility to choose tops and shoes in any style that you want. Chunky dad sneakers? Yes. oxford shoes? Why not. Dr. Martens boots? A huge yes. Shirts, hoodies, graphic tees, cable knit sweaters, anything will go well with this duo. And if you are concerned about color, maybe stick to the originals, in that; to camel or khaki for chinos and light wash for jackets.

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With jeans:

Pairing denim with denim used to be a controversial thing in men’s fashion because you had to do it “right” in order to pull it off but now, you can wear all the shades together and you will still be trendy. Especially light wash jeans were big “no” for a quite long time. But these past few season the Canadian tuxedo was all over the place and everyone was loving it. And if you are struggling to style them with other things. All you have to do is have a neutral colored top underneath the jacket referable black or white (but we all know that a flannel would be amazing maybe a little cliché but amazing for sure) and if you are feeling a little bit adventures; cowboy boots might make the outfit even cooler. Everything cowboy is on trend right now so don’t be afraid experimenting with them especially when denim is involved.

As much as we all love interesting and adventurous outfits, we do not always have the will or the time to think about our outfits. So just know that Indigo jeans with light wash and also dark wash denim jackets are the perfect choice. In this case you can wear whatever top you want to wear; even bright colored and printed shirts are allowed.

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With formal wear: 

Who said that you only have to wear a blazer or a trench coat to work when the weather starts getting chillier. You can throw on a nice fresh denim jacket over your shirt and tie and still look formal and work appropriate. A nice light wash trucker will be great for any occasion and will give your outfit chilled casual vibes. After all you can take of your jacket at work but you will have a great look walking to it and after work. For shoes, you can be stricter and wear brown or black brogues depending on your pant color. But sneakers would look great as well especially simple and neutral ones. 

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With a turtle neck: 

This 70’s trend is back and is stronger than ever. Guys wear black turtle necks under any type of denim jackets and instantly look like they have their fashion game going strong. But especially indigo denim jackets with visible stitching look sharp paired with turtle necks, a pair of dark chinos or tailored trouser and smart shoes.  

This combination is more for the guys who like smart casual style. But if you put on a pair of chunky boots and cool sunglasses and silver rings all over your hands, the look will shift to Rock and Roll in a matter of a minute. 

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With overcoats:  

This is the amazing combination that everyone is talking about in this season. Some hate it and find it ridiculous some think that it looks very unique and gives the outfit structure and depth. Not many will dare this outfit but the guys who do, look very interesting and smart if it is very cold outside. For this, either your overcoat or your denim jacket have to be in a neutral color, which is quite easy since there are no bright options for either of them. But if you find a vibrant colored denim jacket or a coat, that would look much cooler and the combination would be more visible.  

Your denim jacket has to be fitted to your body or else your proportions might look bigger and it might be quite uncomfortable considering that you are wearing a big overcoat, but keep in mind, that the coat has to be lightweight wince you have a double warmth and you don’t want to carry heavy clothes throughout the whole day. Guys are pairing this combo mostly with smart trousers and heavy duty brogues.  

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With a Hoodie:  

This one is for the sporty guys who want to incorporate the casual outerwear piece into their street looks. Wearing a hoodie under an oversized denim jacket is the best look for clashing two styles and making them blend well. It is also the most comfortable and effortless look for everyone. Neutral colors are the safest for this look but vibrant hoodies will look amazing under light wash as well as dark wash denim jackets.  

You can always go for a full sporty look and even wear sweatpants with the hoodie and chunky colorful sneakers, which is now an ultimate street style look. But if you are wearing a hoodie you don’t have to pair it with suitable things, after all you are wearing it under a denim jacket. So just go for it and wear chinos for instance or jeans in a different shade and for shoes, even boot would be great and would create a structured outfit, which is always great. And as a note: hoodies with graphic prints are cooler than plain ones, unless you like simple things and hat is your thing, be free to incorporate prints in your basic outfits. That is what streetwear encourages everyone to do.  

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The shoes:  

As you probably already know, shoes are a key point of the outfit which bring everything together. You have to wear them taking into account what you are wearing above your feet but they can also be a style clash item themselves. For instance, if you are wearing an overall casual outfit just wear chunky black boots and let your inner rock star shine.  

But as we can all assume the best shoe choice for denim jackets are sneakers. Yes, they are always winning these days. Not only comfort draws people into them but also the versatility and the fact that they can go well paired with anything. So for light was denim jackets a perfect partner would be white, low cat, simple and clean sneakers.  

The fun begins when u wear dark wash jeans. Why? Well because you will look equally trendy, no matter if you wear the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers or Chelsey boots or Oxford shoes. The decision is yours to make, there are no limits with this one. And that is why we all shall own a nice high quality dark wash denim jacket folks.  

In conclusion: denim jackets are an ongoing staple items for everyone’s wardrobe and your age or style or gender does not matter at all.  

And if you were having difficulties when styling them: All you have to do is own a denim jacket, everything else you have in your closet and as a guide to pair them all together, you have this whole article.