What every man needs in his wardrobe

As much as having a personal style is important, there are also things that dealt with rough years in fashion and survived to finally become essential pieces that should exist in every man’s closet. These things have a special permanent place in men’s fashion history.

The more trends and seasons pass in the fashion world, the more we come to the conclusion that these things should always stay and be updated occasionally in our wardrobes. So Instead of buying overpriced and over-hyped trends, you should definitely start investing in quality essential pieces which are here to surely stay.

We have a round-up of 10 things that will never fail to bust your confidence up and help you look effortlessly stylish.

  1. White Button Up

No matter how old you are or how much you like formal wear, you will always need the classic button up and it will never fail to represent you at your best. White button ups appeared in men’s fashion in the late 19th century and since then, they never left the scene as the most versatile, polished, stylish and important piece in everyone’s closet. It used to be an important symbol of wealth and class distinction and a powerful emblem of sobriety and uniformity in the Victorian era and now it is perfect for formal occasions and for guys who have a classy style not to mention all the other styles that it can blend in.

It is a timeless piece which will never fail to look sharp and stylish.

The white button up had many transformations in its rich and long history but the classic form will always remain as its most loved one.

As always, we will provide you with nice affordable options to try them out and designer ones for guys who prefer investing in quality pieces.

  • Neil Barrett Poplin Rib Cuffs Shirt
Image source – www.lyst.com
  • Zara Textured Weave Shirt
Image source – www.zara.com
  • POLO RALPH LAUREN Classic Fit Poplin Shirt
Image source – www.rlmedia.io

·        2. Black Trousers

Not to mention black tailored trousers as the most essential type of pants would be a crime. Even if your style has nothing to do with smart or casual trouser, every once in a while there will appear an event which will demand formal wear and to not panic while look through your jeans collection for something presentable, simply purchase at least one pair of smart trousers.

Form fitting, straight leg, chino or classic, you choose whatever fits your standards but never underestimate the power of black trousers and how good they can make you appear.

They fit into lots of different styles and go well with almost anything because of their versatility and simple looks.

This year people have been styling black baggy trousers in dark gothic but also simple outfits which is slowly becoming the look for this autumn/ winter months.

  • Comme des Garçons Homme Deux Black Tasmania Trousers
Image source – http://www.openstackday.uk
  • Issey Miyake Men Reversible Black Wool Slub Trousers
Image source – clothbase.s3.amazonaws.com
  • Urban Renewal Vintage Originals Stan Ray Black Cut-Off Trousers
Image source – www.urbanoutfitters.com

3. A Smart Coat

When it comes to outerwear, no matter what style you have the smart coat is one of the most versatile and staple piece for your autumn/winter collection. The color should preferably be black but grey, navy blue, and camel colors and the beloved check print had their successful moments as well. These past few years’ men were wearing excessively oversized coats and this year is no exception. Pair it with chunky smart shoes a pair of chinos and a good old white button up and you will look sharp, stylish and you will definitely feel confident in your looks.

Many designers have been styling the classic outerwear piece in crazy outfits or crazy prints. Your approach should be loyal to your personal style and preferences but owning a nice smart coat is a must on colder months. You should also consider getting a long coat because it seems that coats with old military accents are becoming the new staple for cool men.

  • Rick Owens Bell coat
Image source – www.brownsfashion.com

  • Balenciaga Washed DB coat
Image source – www.lyst.com
  • Topman Camel Wool Blend Coat
Image source – http://www.galstyles.com

4. Smart Shoes

All things smart is undoubtedly staple for everyone’s wardrobes and smart shoes are one of those things. A pair of polished, brown or black oxford shoes are a fail-safe that will go with many things, especially, with other staples mentioned above. Like all the other staples the classic shoe has been involved in style mixes this year. Men are loving the chunky versions of oxford and brogue shoes but you can play it safe and get the classic ones.

Some may think that these shoes are boring since they are classic but what about not being lazy and experimenting with different styles yourself? Maybe a pair of loud colorful socks would help you make them look more interesting.

Leather, pleather, swayed and so on, there are millions of options out there for you to choose from. 

Here are options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • HOGAN chunky sole brogues
Image source – http://www.dontchipmebro.com
  • GRENSON Archie tan shoes
Image source – www.pediwear.co.uk
  • Topman Burgundy Preston Brogues
Image source – http://www.topman.com

5. Neutral Sneakers

As much as classic pieces are the original staples, sports footwear is quite important as well. We can’t deny that chunky extravagant sneakers have been the ultimate hit of these past seasons and they are coming back in the colder months too, but it is not clear how long they will stay trendy. So that is the reasons why you should always have simple, neutral sneakers in your collection.

There will never come a day when you won’t have a need for sportswear and there will always be days when you don’t know what shoes to wear with your loud or patterned outfits. Those situations will be solved especially with white or black sneakers. So don’t overthink investing in high quality long lasting neutral sneakers because they can stay in your closet forever. There are the classic old school brands such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, etc. and there are big luxury brands who make these sneakers in high quality material, the options are endless for this one. 

  • Alexander McQueen White Oversized Sneakers
Image source – http://www.jocuricupizza.com/
  • Gucci Lace Up Sneaker Shoes
Image source – www.neimanmarcus.com
  • REEBOK white Club C 85 leather low-top sneakers
Image source – cdn-images.farfetch-contents.com

6. A Suit

Yes, the suit is a must have for everyone without any exceptions. You can have no connections with formal wear but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever need a nicely tailored suit. There are so many events and celebrations in our lives that require suits and not owning one will cause you so much stress before attending to those events.

Every man should have his power suit which will suit him perfectly and will be tailored in his size.Black, grey and navy blue are the colors that dominate the suit department and checks in the pattern department but for bold and different people there are always options with contrasting colors and interesting prints. The idea of a suit is not just about restricting fashion, the times are changing and men are getting more and more bold with their choices even for their staples.

  • KITON woven checked suit
Image source – static.oluxury.com
  • Gucci Floral suit
Image source – Pinterest
  • Asos skinny suit
Image source – Lyst

7. Classy Watch

In men’s not so rich accessory history watches are the ones who exist since forever and still remain a classic piece for every man. They bring together any outfit and give you a more mature look.

You don’t have to be rich to own a nice watch because there are so many high standard brands which make very nice watches at very affordable prices.

The style is on you to choose according to your preferences but if you are investing in a staple one, you better get a simple elegant watch that will be in style forever and match with everything you wear.

Here are some options for you to choose or get inspired from.

  • Rolex Submariner Automatic Black Dial watch
Image source – www.jomashop.com
  • Hugo Boss Essence Modern, Leather Strap Watch
Image source – images.hugoboss.com
  • Swatch Sprinkled Water Men’s Watch
Image source – www.watchtag.com

8. Black Jeans

Everyone needs a pair of nicely fitting black jeans, not just men, everyone. Black jeans have been a staple for a long time and there might never come a day that they won’t be. There is no other perfect pant that will suit everyone as much as a pair of skinny or even baggy jeans.

This past year straight leg jeans have been the trendiest ones but don’t always go after trends blindly because they tend to be temporary. We can surely say that jeans, in all their forms and styles, will never go out of style so you can always buy them and never get rid of the old ones. In fact, black jeans look even cooler when they are faded out and worn in.

  • Saint Laurent Black Low Waisted Skinny Jeans
Image source – http://www.grumpymidwife.com
  • Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans
Image source – Dave’s New York
  • Asos Slim Jeans In 11.5oz
Image source – cdnc.lystit.com

9. A Denim Jacket

When it comes to lighter outerwear for autumn and spring months, Denim jackets were and will always be a perfect choice. They give a laid back feel to the outfit while looking sharp and they easily suit a lot of people.

Designers always play around and experiment with them but the classic styles such as the trucker jacket, are the ones that remain always on trend. There is suiting a denim jacket for all styles out there and you won’t have a hard time finding them.

They are very easy to style with things and especially experiment with bold things due to their neutral looks and versatility. If you want to go full on staple, you should purchase a black one, but the blue will always be the star of the show.

  • Balenciaga Political Denim Jacket
Image source – Pinterest
  • Kalvin Klein Jeans
Image source – www.asos.com
  • Levi’s Men’s Trucker Premium Denim Jacket
Image source – JC Western® Wear

10. Lace Up Boots

Lace up boots are an ultimate staple for all seasons including summer if you don’t live in an extremely humid climate. They will always look cool and will surely be the perfect boot that fit into all types of styles. After wearing them your outfits will immediately come together and have a heavy staple piece.

Investing in a high quality pair of lace up boots is a clever decision not only for financial reasons but also for aesthetic reasons because boots, especially leather boots, look greater with age. Brown and black are the most loved colors for this staple so you can also keep it safe and get them but this doesn’t mean that prints and colorful patterns are lame.

You will find millions of options out there, but don’t forget about the brands that have been making boots since forever and became “staple brands” themselves.

  • THOM BROWNE Shiny Leather Classic Wingtip Boot
Image source – cdnc.lystit.com
  • Silvano Sassetti. Men’s Green Lace Up Boots
Image source – cdna.lystit.com
  • Martens Core 1460 8-Eye Men’s Boot
Image source – www.cho.co.uk

While following trends or being true to your style are very important things in fashion, there are also staple pieces that have been through many rough years in fashion and still survived as must haves and as staples that demand any men’s wardrobe. So never underestimate investing in high quality items and garments that will serve you for a lifetime.