Men’s Streetwear Clothes for Hot Humid Weather

Struggling to dress well and comfortable in hot and humid weather is a common problem that a lot of people from all over the world deal with, especially this year. We all know that it is easy dressing when you can layer and improvise with many clothes and fabrics but dressing in hot weather is a challenge and the ones who manage to look good while being extremely hot are the real winners.

Streetwear has a huge variety of styles and items and it never sleeps in any type of weather, yes, even in summer. You can’t really experiment with layers and materials in summer or in humid weather but that doesn’t mean there are no options.

Now you always can throw anything lightweight that you have in your closet and go out but if you care about your appearance even if it’s hot out, we have solved your problems with this list of streetwear clothes.

1. Shorts

No matter if you are a shorts kind of a person or not, you can always experiment right? Especially when it is for your own good. Of course, a pair of lightweight shorts is better than jeans or pants that will cling to your body and will make you sweat a ridiculous amount. And even better news – short shorts are the new trend which doubles the perks.

You shouldn’t stress when it comes to pairing them with other clothing items because shorts are not demanding anymore. They can be worn and look stylish with vests and T-shirts as well as with shirts. Be free and bold with your color choices since that is very much “IN” as well which can at least make your comfortable outfit more interesting. Wearing them with sneakers and sandals is equally stylish and convenient.

Chino shorts, camo shorts, linen shorts, etc. You can find plenty of options in the streetwear scenes and have to always pay attention to the fabrics that they are made of because with right kinds you will avoid sweating and even create an illusion of being cooler. Here we will provide you with a couple of them to help you ease your search.


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2. Chinos

In case if you are sacrificing yourself by ditching shorts and wearing pants at least wear the lightweight and comfortable ones which are the chinos. Cotton or linen breezy trousers can save you from sunburns and hopefully keep you cooled down during the hot days.

Relaxed fit straight leg trousers are trendy and that is perfect for when you don’t want your clothes clinging on to you. Some may think that chinos look formal but they are very casual and are easy to style with lots of things. A lot of men who love street style go towards them because there are so versatile and look cool with many things. Throw on a nice T-shirt and a pair of cool dad sneakers and you are good to go.

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3. Wide Leg Trousers
This year men’s runways were filled with wide leg palazzo trousers and the humid weather showed us why are they perfect for these seasons. They let a nice breeze to run through them and they look extremely charismatic. They are for bold and experimental guys and also, for the guys who cherish their comfort during hot days.

The fabrics are also very important when choosing a pair of wide leg trousers. When denim, wool and corduroy are perfect for the fall and winter months, the hotter months demand lighter fabrics such as the good old linen.

You can easily incorporate them in your style or experiment with them or just simply pair them with a classic white tee, canvas sneakers and a nice tote bag for a more sophisticated look.

  • COMME DES GARÇONS HOMME PLUS black wide leg cropped wool trousers

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  • Hoffman Pant
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  • Koovs wide leg khaki trousers
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4. T Shirts

As much as T-shirts are cliché they still are the best solution in top wear for humid weather and are still stylish. You can wear graphic tees, simple tees, logo tees, oversized tees, etc. whatever fits your style, but you should always reach for the lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton tees which will save you from heat. Don’t forget to choose lighter colors as well because the sun loves to “strike” dark colors especially black, never wear an all-black outfit when it’s hot out. That is a rule that everyone should know and if they don’t they will find out about it the bad way.

They are a forever fail safe since they look great paired with everything and anything.

* Parlez Boxed T-Shirt – White

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·     Pleasures Crash T-Shirt – White

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·    Hedonistk Men’s Oversized Camo Loose Hip Hop Streetwear T Shirt

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5. Button Up Shirts

If you are tired of T-shirts and vests or you have to go somewhere formal or even to the beach, button ups are perfect for humid weather. They cover you from the sun, cool you off and they look amazing with a tan.

Always go for light colored ones and of course, the fabric should be very lightweight preferably cotton or linen.

You won’t regret investing in a high quality Linen shirt because it is very in style right now and it is an amazing fabric for shirts. There are plenty of short sleeve and long sleeve options out there for you to choose from.Wear a nice blue or off-white linen shirt with trousers or even shorts, undo a couple of buttons, layer cool necklaces, roll the sleeves up and you will have yourself a nice, effortlessly stylish look which is also amazing for hot weather. Linen look screams that you have just returned from your middle eastern vacation and you are ready for the humid city air.

  • TOPMAN LTD Montauk Surf Off White Linen Shirt
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  • Bella Notte Linens Outlet Men’s Linen Shirt, Button Down in WHITE
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6. Bucket Hats

Not many guys are bothered by accessories when it comes to dressing in hot weather but hats are very important not just for fashion purposes but also for protecting you from the cruel sun. When it comes to being trendy, bucket huts are a perfect choice since there are not many options to dress in street style when all you think is how much sweaty you are going to get during the day.

If you choose one that has a very lightweight material and size up a little, you won’t be dealing with greasy hair after taking it off. And the opposite, bucket hats can help you hide your greasy hair and look presentably stylish.

Experiment with colors, pair them with contrasting outfits or go with the touristic safari vibe, you can style them all sorts of ways and you can find them literally everywhere starting from your local fast fashion malls finishing with high fashion designer brands.

  • UV SKINZ Bucket Hat For Men
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  • CHEAP MONDAY Bucket Hat
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  • Chapeau Bob Watch blanc cassé CARHARTT WIP
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7. Sandals

Yes, you have heard it well – sandals are trendy in street fashion and even are worn with socks by some brave men. They are the ultimate shoe for summer and they are styled with many contrasting clothes these days. Men’s fashion is all about experimenting now and especially this year when in many countries the worm hit waves are still going strong those experiments are very much needed for being comfortable and not losing our feet in warm socks and shoes.

You can wear them paired with any outfit that you wish since the trends are letting you and let your toes breathe. You don’t have to go full on “dad on his much needed vacation” style because designers have created many different designs. Men from all around the world and especially Korean men have been styling them in many interesting and eye catching ways.

  • Birkenstock Milano men’s sandals
Image source – The Idle Man
  • Men’s fashion Korean casual sandals tide men 2018 summer 
  • TEVA Teva Terra Fi 4 Leather Men’s Sandals
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8. Canvas Sneakers

No one said that you have to give up on wearing your favorite sneakers but you have to also know that they can make extremely uncomfortable in hot and humid weather. The perfect solution to this problem is wearing canvas sneakers. The will keep your feet cool and let them breathe through the material. They look amazing with summery fabrics such as linen and cotton.

The first thing that comes to mind is Converse since they make canvas sneakers for a long time and have all the classic looks which look great with a lot of styles. Everyone owns a pair or two of worn in converse but if you for some reason don’t own them, it is the perfect time for purchasing.

Imagine a nice cream linen shirt paired with cargo shorts, a bucket hat and the only things that would be missing in this outfit will be canvas sneakers. It doesn’t matter if it’s converse or not but if it is choosing the high top ones should be a priority.

  • Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Vintage ’36 Canvas
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  • Grenson Low Top Men’s Sneakers

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  • Vans Men’s white canvas shoes
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9. Tote Bags

When it comes to bags it’s not that easy to find ones which won’t make you sweat even more. We all have experienced the disaster of wearing backpacks when it’s extremely humid out. Also, never wear leather or pleather on hot days!

But if you have things to carry or you generally like big bags then tote bags are perfect for you. This year they became very trendy in men’s fashion as well. These bags are not only the most convenient ones out there but they also look very stylish and add a character to a settle outfit. You will instantly look like an artist in his busy working day when you wear a canvas tote bag especially with art work or slogans on it.

There are many independent artists who create tote bags with their own artworks and there also are luxury brands who just put their names on totes and sell them quite expensive. Now, it is for you to decide which side you want to support.

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  • Ever Made “BAD FOR YOU” – TOTE BAG
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  • FENDI logo tote bag
Image source – Luisaviaroma

You can always find excuses such as humid weather for not dressing well but why be lazy when the solutions are right in front of you? All you have to do is pay attention to the fabrics, color and styles of clothes that you wear so at the end of the day you won’t be all sweaty and greasy from the humid weather.