How to match clothes for guys

We all have those morning struggles of deciding whether our clothes match and complement each other well or look ridiculous together. It is hard because there are unwritten rules of what matches what and also don’t forget about what’s trendy to match and what’s a huge fashion mistake at the moment.

Some may even think that men have it easy since there are not many mistakes for them to make. But menswear is getting more and more exciting, which makes it more and more hard to pair things together.

Does this red shirt match my pants? Do my sneakers go with this outfit? Should I wear a hat with this look? Etc. etc. etc. We are going to answer all those mind boggling questions that bother you every time you try to look stylish.

1. By Color

Bright colors are very trendy right now and if you are not bold enough to block them you can just pair them with settle things. For example, if you want to wear a bright yellow shirt, the rest of your outfit should be in neutral tones or you can always wear shoes that are in the same color as your shirt. Wearing your accessories in the same color can also make a huge difference in your matching game. So if you are wearing a monochromatic look just wear, for instance, a red hat with red shoes and your outfit will get a nice lift from 6 to 10.

White, grey and black will always come to your help and tone down your crazy colors. Now it is also quite trendy and simply convenient to wear different tones of the same color. That will keep you away from difficult choices of what color will match your main piece.

There will always be the classic monochromatic black and white combination, which is a fail-safe in any situation. But that is not really the ideal way sins fashion is now all about being brave and experimental with your color choices.

Another great tip is wearing pieces that have more than just one color on them. For example, if you are wearing a cream and blue T-shirt, you can simply pair it with cream or blue pants and either way it will be a great match.

If color matching is something that terrifies you or is not something that you naturally have in your head, but you like the color blocking trend and want to at least try it, then there is one magical thing that exists just for you. And that thing is the famous color wheel which simply shows you what exact colors complement each other.

We all know that red, yellow and blue are the primary colors, which for some people might seem too bright and unmatchable, but there are also plenty of different shades that you can easily match. A lot of the time toned down colors go great together. On the color wheel, complementary colors are placed opposite each other and that makes it very easy to solve our matching problem.

Here we have the color wheel which you should save somewhere and check out whenever you have difficulties while dressing.

So let’s take a color that is known for being the most difficult to match. For example, if your pants are brown, according to the color wheel, you should definitely pair them with a blue toned shirt.

Image source – Pinterest+*9*

2. By Style

It is not news for us that clashing and matching different styles is very trendy right now and is a quite cool way to show your personality through fashion. This can, of course, be a personal preference thing but there are also many common styles that guys are mixing together now and we are going to talk about them.

First of all, we will talk about the elephant in the room which is sportswear. We have seen sneakers paired with everything for years now, but this year men’s fashion weeks showed a lot of crazy ways of pairing sportswear with other styles and we are not mad about it.

You can start small by just adding an athletic jacket and sneakers to your smart casual outfit. Valentino in this year’s spring/summer collection demonstrated us how to blend sportswear with a nice shirt and chinos.

Image source –

You can officially pair athletic wear with your office attire and yes you can even add a cap because this year man’s fashion is encouraging all kinds of style mixes.

Image source –
Fendi’s spring/summer 2018 collection

Shoes are the perfect way of breaking an outfit which is based on just one style. And as we mentioned above, sneakers are being worn with everything now and they have become the shoe of the century. They are comfortable, they look stylish and they match with almost any outfit and make it look more interesting. Celebrities and regular guys wear them even with suits. So there is nothing more versatile than a pair of simple and even loud sneakers.

These past two years’ dad sneakers are dominating menswear. Guys are mostly matching them with monochromatic looks, but there are also bold guys who have unique styles and love to pair loud shoes with loud outfits. So either way, you will look on trend. And if you like simple sneakers then a pair of clean white ones will be perfect with any look of yours.

Image source – Elle Men’s Street Style Fall 2018 + asos models + Pinterest

Another shoe that can help your outfits cooperate with other styles are military boots. The style of your outfit doesn’t even matter at this point. If you throw on a pair of docs, you will instantly look like a badass rock star on his holidays or an Irish gentleman, the options are endless with boots.

For instance, you can keep the outfit in theme and wear army pants, with a nice bomber jacket or you can wear a classic shirt and pants combination with a smart coat and your boots will match equally great.

Image source – + Lookbook + Pinterest

3. By Prints

Everyone once or twice at a time encounters with the problem of matching prints. Sometimes they are extremely unmatchable and look ridiculous together, but you don’t always have to wear them together. If you are having a hard time matching them just wear them separately and pair them with monochromatic outfits. That always tones down bright prints, just let them be the only loud part of your outfit.

You can also choose one color from your print and wear for example your shoes or your pants in that color, but remember to choose from the print, not from the piece that has the print on it. Because you already have a loud print and you don’t want your outfit to be in one color as well. Unless if matching colors and crazy prints are your personal style aspects. In case if you like matching several prints we are happy to inform you that wearing “uniform” outfits is very trendy right now. So you can easily wear the same print in the same color from head to toe.

Image source – + Pinterest Versace Fall/Winter 2018-2019 + The Fashionisto Versace | Fall 2018 | Men’s Collection

And if you are just jumping in print band wagon just know that the easiest prints to match are band cover photos or any photos on basic white or black T-shirts. You can pair them with smart outfits under your blazer, or wear them simply with jeans or layer them under your flannel. There are many options for you to incorporate them into your looks so you should definitely go purchase one or two.

Image source – Lookastic + The Idle Man +

4. The Fabrics

It might come as a complete surprise for you but the fabrics of your clothes can be really important for matching the pieces of your outfits. It is not as hard as it sounds, all you have to do is look at them and feel them. And by that, you will understand if the fabric of your pants goes with your shirts fabric. The materials should be close to each other with looks as well as with feels. For example, if you wear sturdy denim jeans your shirt shouldn’t be in a silky material. Now, you can always contrast your outfit with fabrics but when they are too different it might break your look in a bad way. Instead, a smooth mix of a denim and cotton can look very interesting since the fabrics look and feel quite similar.

If you have no time to create your own fabric matches you can always turn to matches that men wear since men’s fashion got more exciting. One of them is the combination of denim and linen. Denim is a forever favorite fabric both in men’s and women’s fashion but linen got its big break this past two years. Everyone own at least one or two linen shirts. So it is no surprise that people mixed them at some point. Denim is always considered as a versatile peace so you can have your linen in any bright color that you want to and they will still match together beautifully.

Another great match is the Cotton and Leather combination. In reality, you can pair cotton with almost any material and it will match easily since it is one of the most popular and loved fabrics. With loud materials it matches the best as we mentioned, it goes great with denim, but with leather, it looks even better. If you are wearing a linen shirt put on a nice leather jacket over it, or tuck it in with a leather belt, or wear a leather bag. This combination will always look amazing regardless of trends.

For colder months we always look at velvet but never really know what to wear it with. But don’t ignore this gorgeous fabric just because you are afraid of pairing it with wrong things. You can go with the easiest match and pair it with our good old cotton. First of all, your velvet piece will stand out and will be the only loud thing in your outfit since cotton is a very humble fabric. You can find both formal and casual items in this fabrics and both will be perfect for each other. Imagine the comfort that you will spend in all your day because of these soft materials that keep you warm and cozy.

Image source – The Idle Man + N/A Plus + Pinterest

5. By Formality

This last one is for men who have no time to play with mixing and matching their outfits, for men who like when the pieces belong together and look coordinated. If you are one of these men all you have to do is hang or fold your clothes by coordinating them according to their formality. In this way, your nice shirts and belts and pants will be around your blazers. So when dressing it will be easy to find matches and your wardrobe will look organized all the time. Most people dress by that rule which can be really convenient but unfortunately, sometimes it might seem boring and give away the fact that you haven’t tried. And if that’s not what you would like to represent then be careful with this tip.

On a much brighter note, no matter if your destination needs a casual outfit or a suit and tie moment, you will always be ready since matching pieces in same the style is the easiest thing ever.

Image source – Moss Bros + LIFESTYLE BY PS

If you want to make an effort and match your outfits these tips will always come to your help. Don’t be embarrassed to even print out the color wheel to at least color coordinate and match your clothes in the right tones.