How to look taller in pictures

Everyone is either dreaming about tall guys or about being one themselves, but unfortunately not many have the “perfectly tall guy” genes. Now in real life, it is not possible to change your height, maybe there are some crazy surgeries, but they might be dangerous or unworthy and surely not everyone can afford them. And yes, there are also crazy high shoes, but they, unfortunately, don’t fit into everyone’s style. So, if in real life changing your height is almost impossible, for the magical photography world it is very much a simple reality.

If you are interested in making a little bit more effort to look taller in pictures, then you must know about the two important things which certainly need more attention and control. They are your poses and the photography. Now, naturally there are other small tricks that you should know, and you will know, but these two are the main areas that need more focus while taking photos. There are many aspects of these areas that we will dive in and show you how they work.

You just need to make sure that these things become permanently settled in your memory and be sure that your Instagram game will top up.

  1. Stand Straight

First things first, make sure that your posture is good since not standing straight makes you look even shorter than you are. As simple as it sounds with a straight back the difference will be visible right away. A straight back with your chin a little up will not only make you look better and athletic but also much taller. This trick is very helpful especially when you are sitting or when only the top half of your body is visible because you will most likely look tiny and curved with a bad posture. So now when you have the straight back and you want to show it off just turn a little bit to the side and you will get the effect in its full glory.

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2. Cross your legs

It is a well-known fact that when you cross your legs it gives an illusion of length and you can instantly look taller. So, do not hesitate to cross your one leg over the other while posing or if that is not your thing just walk. Pretend that you are having a nice walk, or you can walk the photographer has no problems with focusing the camera.

All you have got to do is to take one very large step forward with either of your feet and try to look as natural as its possible, but don’t worry too much since it is also a pose after all.

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3. Play with your hair

You might be thinking “How is playing with my hair going to make me look taller? That doesn’t make sense”. Well, if you think a little deeper, you might as well see how a hand placed above your head can create a nice illusion and make a small but definite change in your height. A hand in your hair will give your whole silhouette a much taller look. And if you have long hair always go for hairstyles with a high quiff. Or if your outfit incorporates a hat, holding it and maybe putting it on your head will do the same and might also look like a candid moment.

Image source – Stocksy United + Freepik

4. Bottom angle

Taking a photo from the bottom angle is a huge game changer. You not only look badass and cool, but you also look like you have endless legs and by that we mean you look very tall. Never let the person who’s taking the photo shoot from their eye level especially when they are much taller than you. Why? Because people will feel that they are looking down on you and that will make you look even shorter then you are.

Even just a little bit of angling from below can give you a huge difference so be sure to ask for it from anyone who takes your photos and be also sure to have the sky as your background, trust us, you won’t regret that. If you have loyal friends who will squat for two seconds for your good photo, then you luckily don’t have to hire a photographer.

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5. Take the whole space

Sometimes we all want to take pictures with a beautiful view or a building as our background, but in this case, the important thing is our height. So, If the purpose of the picture is not the background, then you can easily take up the entire frame.

That will surely give you a powerful and tall silhouette. You simply need to limit the extra spaces to your height, not completely just leave little spaces above your head and under your feet. You can even get this effect by cropping after you took the picture and voila you are taller now.

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6. Wear a Single Color

Believe it or not this trick does work, especially when the color is dark, preferably black. You will look like a long dark line, in a good way, of course.

Also, contrasting the color of your clothes with the surroundings will help you stand out. Neutral backgrounds will always be a great match for your dark outfits.

But if you don’t like wearing a single color you have to know that monochromatic color matches do make you appear taller as well. For example, the pairing of blue and grey, first, looks great on a lot of people and second will make you look taller and leaner on your photos.

Image source – Pinterest + PS 1983

7. Be the Tallest
No matter how short you are, being taller then everyone and everything in the frame can make you look much taller. Contrast is always an interesting trick which you can use to your advantage. But be careful with standing beside something that can give away your height. For example, if you are in a café don’t pose when the chairs are in the frame or make sure that they are way behind you. Posing in in front of a beautiful background that is lower than your head will make you look tall and graceful as well. And don’t forget about the people who are shorter than you. This might sound mean but take pictures with them and enjoy being the tallest while avoiding being right beside the tallest friend. That is a totally innocent thing to do.

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8. Wear height increasing shoes

If you ever thought about how lucky short girls are with their high heels, you can stop envying them now because if you didn’t know already, then we are happy to inform you that chunky sneakers and boots are very much in style for men’s fashion right now especially if you like street style. And with the help of them, you can look taller not only in photos but also in real life. There is plenty of different brands that are playing around with this trend right now, so you won’t have difficulties finding them.

Wear your chunky sneakers or platform boots and ask your friend to take a nice picture from an upward angle and you will get a sky-high look.

Image source – Pinterest + fabiolous style

9. Wear higher bottoms and shorter tops

These two things are very important for short guys to remember and always consider when dressing. High waisted pants will make your legs look longer and leaner. Shorter tops will give a balance to your body and keep your proportions looking right. Where the long shirts might look very stylish, but they will never compliment your height.

Tucking your shirt in your high waisted jeans with a nice skinny belt will be ideal for this trick. Be sure to always wear proportionated outfits since you don’t want

to get lost in your oversized clothes and lose a few inches from your already short height.

Image source – Avery Ginsberg + Men’s style Australia

10. Wear vertical stripes
Prints can be very tricky sometimes, but our trusty Vertical stripes are all over men’s fashion weeks this year and that is just perfect for short guys. You won’t just look stylish and on trend, you will also look a lot taller with the illusion that the stripes create. And if you are bold enough to wear matching vertical striped pants that will be much better. Your legs will look longer alongside your longer torso.

So be sure to add vertical striped items to your wardrobe and keep them for life

no matter if they are in style or not they will always elongate your body on pictures as well as in everyday life.

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11. Roll the Sleeves

You should not just think about making only your legs look longer, your arms are as important as they are especially if only the upper half of your body is visible. In that case, only the posture and your arms can make a difference in your height.

Just one roll up is enough you don’t want to bunch the fabric on your arms and make them look small. But rolling the arms of your shirt once or twice is a very easy elongating trick when you don’t like them being drowned.

Image source – GQ + Pinterest

12. Wear Fitted Clothes

As much as it is a very eye catching and unique trend in street fashion, you will have to Avoid oversized, baggy clothing at all costs if you cherish the height that you have got. No matter if it is a jacket, a shirt or pants they will always take away from your height. For a lot of men that might not sound like a problem, but for short men, that is a catastrophe. Some men even wear clothes that were personally tailored to perfectly fit them, so why wear something that is going to
automatically make you shorter. In photos, oversized things may even look bigger since there is a myth that cameras add to our weight, but this doesn’t mean that they add on our heights automatically as well. So be more considerate of buying the right size.

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13. Wear Accessories

There are a few more accessories besides hats that will help you with your height in pictures. One of them is socks, yes, simple monochromatic socks. Why? Well sometimes guys wear uncle grazer chinos and jeans, but when the skin is visible, legs can automatically look shorter. So, with the help of our basic socks, we can

cover the skin, elongate the legs and solve that small but totally important problem.

Another great accessory is a nice skinny belt. Your belt should be not any thicker than 1.5 inches and it should also be in a monochromatic tone since you don’t want to cut off your body with a crazy eye-catching color.And lastly, nice and unique and colorful scarves. With this one, you can finally get out of that monochromatic pattern and add some color to your outfit. It can be the boldest thing in the photo and draw the attention away from your height.

Image source – GQ + Zara + Pinterest

Photography is an amazing thing, which can either make you look extremely bad or very good and that all can be in your hands if you want to, of course. When you have the control while your photo is being taken, you can always find little tricks to change your appearance in it. Some of those tricks you must use during and some after taking the photo. You don’t have to do crazy things in

Photoshop. All the above-mentioned effects are very simple and quite easy to achieve no matter if you are a photographer or not. And often when you combine two or three of these tricks together you get the effect doubled.