10 Minimal but essential streetwear pieces every guy should own

Most trends disappear as quickly as they have appeared, but there will always be permanent essentials that every streetwear lover should own. Streetwear has grown from being just a hip-hop or Japanese street fashion to the peak of its versatility and extravagance. And on its way, it has collected pieces that will stay “In” for a long time.

On days when you have no time to think about dressing it’s the essentials of your wardrobe that come to your rescue. So to help you find your essentials we have compiled a list of items that you should invest in.

I. Graphic Tees

No matter what style you have, what gender and how old you are, graphic tees were and will remain as a must-have at all times. There are billions of different styles out there, but the famous “logo on a t-shirt” design will always be the classic version. In fact, a lot of brands stayed popular because of their “merchandise” tees.

Speaking of merchandise, music admirers have been rocking band tees for decades now. It seems that there will never come a day when we will stop seeing Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, Metallica and other great bands being out there in a form of a graphic tee.

The easiest way to style graphic tees is pairing them with some nice jeans and statement sneakers. But if you are feeling a little adventures and have some time to spare on making an effort then just clash some colors, layers and styles with your simple graphic tee. For instance, you can pair the tee with a flannel shirt, smart tailored trousers, sneakers and a huge jacket. Choose colors according to your preference.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Gucci Logo T-shirt with Leopard
Farfetch Online Store
  • Versace Patchwork Print T-shirt
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  • Metallica Death Reaper T-shirt
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  • Pink Floyd grey prism T-shirt
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II. Hoodies

Hoodies will always carry the original streetwear idea in them. They represent the hip-hop fashion even mixed with other styles.

A lot of people used to be skeptical about incorporating hoodies in their streetwear collection because they thought hoodies represent lazy loungewear or fitness wear. Hoodies were even a staple for robbers. But when you see how people wear them and transform them you can’t help but think “How was I skeptical about this stylish and comfortable piece?”. So now Hoodies are a staple piece in every fashionist’s wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger helped the hoodie come back to the fashion scene. In every fashion week, we see hundreds of hoodies styled in many different ways, but the most popular hoodies that dominate the streets are the excessively oversized ones.

As any sportswear in fashion, hoodies are welcomed to be styled with tailored outfits as well as with other crazy things that your style has.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Balenciaga Logo Hoodie
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  • Saint Laurent Distressed Logo Hoodie
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  • Tommy Hilfiger Block Color Hoodie
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  • Asos Oversized Longline Hoodie
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III. Sneakers

Huge sneakers with extravagant designs will have their moment and disappear, but the simple polished ones will stay as the ultimate closet staple for men and women equally. Adidas, Converse, Vans, Nike and Gucci have the most popular neutral trainers. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find other options, there are thousands of them out there.

The white versions of this essential are the most loved ones because they look good with almost everything and suit almost everyone’s style. The best materials for this shoe are canvas and leather. You might want to own both of them for different weathers. And if you are worried about keeping them clean, just know that they look even better when they are worn in.

So don’t overthink and go get a pair of neutral sneakers that will match any outfit of yours.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker
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  • Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers
Official Adidas online store
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers
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  • Gum Block Slip-on Vans
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IV. Tailored Chinos

These trousers are a perfect in-between when you can’t decide if you want to wear smart or casual bottoms. They are slimming, comfortable and they match with a lot of things. They are one of the most versatile pieces in the streetwear scene.

Chinos are mostly made out of a cotton twill fabric and the original color of them was khaki. Now designers make them in all the colors of the rainbow. As for the cut, there is the classic wide leg fit and the straight leg fit, which has been a streetwear favorite in the past year or so. But if you are not sure about any of this two and you want to show off your gym work, then just find a pair of slim fit chinos and you are good to go.

Chinos look the best in layered oversized looks with huge shoes, that a lot of guys are rocking recently.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Valentino Belted Chinos
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  • Gucci Embroidered Logos Chinos
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  • Next Laundered Chinos
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EXPRESS online store

V. Button Down Shirts

This classic staple has been around for so long that not owning at least one is an actual crime. It is an iconic and a truly timeless piece. And if you think that it is meant for just formal occasions then you have been missing out. Just look around in streets and half of the men will be wearing button downs; in hundreds of different colors, paired with hundreds of different styles.

If you want to go for the smart-casual look the best colors are, of course, the classic black and white (not together, unless that’s what you are going for). But there so many other fun colors to choose from, it really depends on your style and preferences. You can experiment with this piece in so many crazy ways, especially now, when men’s street style became so daring and interesting. People even wear them under oversized graphic tees.

Dressing for summer might be hard for some men, but throwing on a nice short sleeve button down with straight leg chinos will save you with its effortless look. You should purchase a Cuban printed one, which will add a lot to your seasonal stylish outfits.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Logo embroidered shirt
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  • Maison Margiela Western Contrast Shirt
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  • Mango Regular Fit Bawling Shirt
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  • Gitman Vintage Camp-Collar Shirt
J. Crew online store

VI. Watches

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know that watches have been and still remain as a key accessory in men’s street style. Big ones, small ones, vintage ones, gold ones, weird ones, crazy colored ones… There are millions of options for you to choose from. So if you are a fan of watches or you want to try them out, you should definitely own at least two types since accessories are very important in street fashion. They will come to rescue especially when outfits fail to impress.

A nice statement wristwatch will give an interesting character to your neutral look. And even if you can’t afford nice ones, you will always find cheaper options online.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Armani Exchange Watch
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  • Diesel Daddy Chronograph Watch
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  • Fossil Coachman Chronograph Cuff Watch
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  • Vivienne Westwood Butlers Wharf Watch
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VII. Boots

A nice and sturdy pair of leather boots; that is simply all you need to look like you belong in street fashion forever. Now, it really doesn’t matter what style you have; boots will always fit in. They are undoubtedly essential for everyone.

The best way to incorporate them into your wardrobe in buying your first ever black or brown pair of Dr. Martens. This brand is arguably the best one out there. They might rub your feet at first but they are the most comfortable boots when you wear them in. Plus; they look more charming with age.

But if for some reason you don’t like Dr. Martens, then don’t you worry; there are many other great brands that make statement boots as well. Designers have been experimenting with boots since the beginning of the fashion industry. So you can easily find unique and extravagant boots if that’s what you are going for.

Rick Owens Platform Lace-up Boots are a perfect example of extravagant statement street boots. Not many have the courage to wear them, but the guys who do certainly look unique in them.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Dr.Martens Vintage 1460 Black Quilon Boots
Official Dr.Martens online store
  • Rick Owens Platform Lace-up Boots

Farfetch online store

  • Kenneth Cole Techni-Cole Brown Lace Up Boots
Men’s Wearhouse online store
  • Clarks Desert Boots
Official Clarks online Store

Denim Jackets

Although designers always play around with cuts and colors and styles of them, denim jacket seems to never leave the trend section of both men’s and women’s fashion. There is a suiting denim jacket for everyone out there and they dominate the light jacket scene at all times.

They are very easy wearable and effortlessly stylish for those uninspired days, but can look quite unique if you style them right. Guys are layering them under coats now and it looks amazing, especially when the jacket has a unique color or design.

Whether you like the classic trucker style or the grungy one, you can easily pair it with almost anything — from smart tailored trousers, touristy shorts to tracksuits and other sporty looks. And if you are feeling the denim on denim look, just go with it, but remember; it’s best if you do it with different shades of denim.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Off-White Oversize Denim Jacket
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  • Yeezy Season 6 Denim Jacket
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  • Levi’s Trucker jacket
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  • Topman Bleach Wash Denim Jacket

Official Topman online store


As we mentioned before, accessories are very important in street fashion, since they can make outfits a hundred times more interesting. Street style is all about finding unique pieces especially when you are shopping for essential items. Hats are one of them and have their rightful place in fashion since forever.

Now obviously It’s hard to incorporate them in your wardrobe as a timeless piece because there are so many types of hats out there and you don’t know which is the best to invest in. Well, the best solution to that is buying a hat that is one of a kind or at least unique looking, and a hat that will compliment your style the best.

Now here are some options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap
Farfetch online store
  • DSQUARED2 Ranger Hat
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  • Barbour Bucket Hat
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  • Wide Brim Fedora
BuyHatsHats online store

Military Outerwear

Outerwear is a key piece in streetwear, especially in the colder months. Designers have a tendency of bringing clothing items from areas that have nothing to do with fashion. Military outerwear is one of the best results of that tendency. There is something about them that makes any outfit stand out and fit into street style.

There is an overwhelmingly huge verity to choose from; parkas, trench coats, bomber jackets, windbreakers and many other styles.

They look the best paired with neutral toned outfits since being the loudest item is ideal for any outerwear.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • Off-White Camouflage Cargo Jacket
Farfetch online store
  • ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Military Jacket
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  • Topman Khaki Military Parka Jacket
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  • Condemned Nation Woody Camo Bomber Jacket
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Last but certainly not least of an essential is a pair of nice dark wash jeans. Everybody has at least one favorite pair of jeans that they wear all the time. It is fun to purchase some dark wash ones and fully experience the gradually fading of a nice denim. Jeans actually look good when they are worn in and even distressed. Some guys wear their favorite pair so much that their friends recognize them from far. To have signature jeans and styling them in million different outfits is never lame.

But if you are going to wear them every week then choosing a pair will take some time. A good research is always a clever and rewarding thing to do. You need to be careful and very selective when looking for high-quality denim that will last you for a long time.

Don’t even hesitate to purchase a pair since there will never come a day when denim jeans will go out of style.

Options for you to choose or get inspiration from.

  • POAN Skinny Jeans
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  • AMI ALEXNADRE MATIUSSI 5 Pocket Cropped Jeans
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  • Levi’s 501 jeans
Official Levi’s online store
  • Topman Black Rip Skinny Jeans
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Every closet needs to have high-quality staples that will stay there for many years and will never fail to be in style. While you are running around or standing in lines or refreshing online shops trying to purchase trendy items, they are slowly losing popularity, because the hype surrounding them eventually kills them. While staples are out there waiting for you to understand their importance.

Now you know the key pieces that need to be in your wardrobe. All that’s left to do is find the perfect ones that will fit your style.