Iconic Famous Streetwear Celebrities

Celebrities, they have so much money and fame that getting any piece of clothing that they shall point their finger on is a natural thing for them. But even with that much power not many of them are stylish and especially, not many of them are a part of the astonishing street style culture. Over the years with the social media rising celebrities got that people look up to them for inspiration, for improvement and for trends. And now, we see that the number of street lover celebrities, especially guys, is rising and they are providing the world with new street looks regularly via their social accounts and music videos. We have to thank the paparazzi as well since they have a huge part in sharing celebrity’s everyday outfits.

So here are the famous men who have a great sense of street style. Selected with no particular order.

  • Asap Rocky

Starting with another guy would be a crime that’s why we are mentioning him first. You will never find Asap Rocky not looking stylish and on trend nowadays. He eventually became a luxury street style legend and on every fashion week in every music video or any concert people are waiting for his unique looks with their eyes wide open for recreating them after. His style has given him the opportunity to become the face of campaigns starting from Gucci and Alexander Wang to Dior Homme.

He is obsessed with Raf Simons to a point where he made a song dedicated to him, that will tell you a few things about his street style. But don’t think that hi is just rocking luxury hypebeast items, he loves small designers as well as the big ones. It is worth to mention that he started off being a street goth and then became a luxury street god. He with Kanye West has started the new wave of the rap music and designer street fashion combination.

  • Kanye West

This guy loved street fashion so much that he decided to create his own designs for his own brand The YEEZY. He loves making statements with his outfits (or often with his controversial comments), he literally made earthy tones a long lasting trend. His clothes are definitely very expensive for us; regular human beings, but we can always draw some inspiration from his simple yet fashion statement looks. He likes to experiment with his style and also with his clothing brand as we see every collection that he makes. Kanye is a big fan of casual, oversized, hip-hop, sometimes futuristic and post-apocalyptic looks.

We all know that he is especially obsessed with footwear ranging from military boots to eccentric trainers that he also makes. Kanye has a lot to offer to streetwear fashion, so be very attentive to his style.

  • Tyler The Creator

The king of old-school skater street style himself Tyler The Creator is all about that laid-back comfortable LA look and forever skating-everywhere life. His style is very easy to recreate since he loves to wear indie and original street style brands which also, is very convenient for our wallets. Tyler is a big fan of bright colors and blocking them, he also loves fun prints such as doughnuts and cats, logo caps, shorts, loud long socks, cool skater sneakers. That love is heavily represented in his Golf clothing line which he has kindly created for us to easily look like him.

If you are a fan of skater style that is filled with youthful feeling then you probably already adore Tyler The Creator, but if for some reason you don’t; just give him a quick look and you will fall in love with his street style.

  • Jaden Smith

There will never come a day when we will be bored of Jaden Smith’s outfits but there will also never come a day when everyone will like his style. He has his own unique vision of how man’s fashion should look and always questions the traditional masculine menswear. He loves to wear skirts as much as pants and creating androgynous looks without forgetting to add his loud personality is his signature thing. He was the face of Louis Vuitton’s 2016 womenswear line if that’s not a bold move we don’t know what is.

Jaden even wore a Batman costume to his prom and, believe it or not, he wore it to Kim and Kanye West’s wedding as well.

You will always find him in bold experimental garments on red carpets as well as on the streets. So be excited since you are going to get plenty of inspiration from him even if wearing skirts is not for you.

  • Playboi Carti

Well, it seems that we are continuing to mention more rappers since street styles originate from hip-hop culture and they certainly rock it the best. As his colleague and close friend Asap Rocky, 21 years old Playboi Carti became a street style icon thanks to his unique style as well. He used to dress from thrift and vintage stores, but now his wardrobe is full of Raf Simons, Gucci and Balmain, to name a few.

He has even walked on Louis Vuitton’s show in Paris, he was in Yeezy season 5 show as well, but he always stays true to his street routes and keeps inspiring with daring street outfits that not many will be bold enough to wear. But since he does it is cool and for many is worth the try.

  • Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams’s eclectic style stands out from the celebrity fashion world. Over the years he used iconic accessories, such as his huge hat, to be different, to be the Pharrell Williams. And he certainly achieved his goal. He is definitely a hit maker in music and a trend maker in street fashion.

Now, we are not saying that he has just one specific style; he is always experimenting with sometimes unmatchable items and thanks to paparazzi as well as to fashion photographers, we see his style evolution and get inspiration for ours. He never limits himself with standards or rules and heavily embraces the street culture mixing many different styles. Pharrell even earned a CFDA Fashion Icon award. So now we officially know that he is an actual fashion icon who we should follow for our street fashion.

  • Skepta

The rapper is the best-dressed British male for four years now and it got to a point where he is fairly considered as a style icon now. Skepta is one of the most influential performers in the British Grime scene and he represents his rap genre with his fashion very suitably. He often wears his signature iconic tracksuits which look extremely cool and laid back. British guys who love him follow and recreate every fashion choice that he makes.

Nasir Mazhar collaborated with Skepta on his spring/summer 15 main collection and Skepta himself walked the runway wearing the black tracksuit. He rocks luxury smart items as well, but most of the time he is loyal to the humble roots of his.

  • Tommy Cash

This Estonian rapper has a very different, sometimes weird and extremely loud style that has no limits and no connections to the mainstream fashion world. Tommy’s style is inspired by his own unique music, always surprising photo sessions and crazy music videos. He loves dressing in old-school Slavonic style and often partnering it with iconic hairstyles.

If you ever had a chance to visit his Instagram account, you know how fascinating he can be in every post and If you ever watched even just one music video of his, you certainly know how limitless his creativity can get.

But Tommy is no stranger to luxury designers as well; Opening Rick Owens’s S/S 2019 show was a natural thing for him. And even the designer knew that he should dress him in a rapper’s manner. Tommy Cash is a walking embodiment of art that never fails to impress (shock) and inspire others to be brave with their fashion choices.

  • G Dragon

This South Korean singer got his Fashion Icon status by his crazy street style looks that he somehow made a popular style in his country and abroad. But no one can rock his looks as good as he does. It’s so natural for him to mix weird contrasting items and make an outfit out of them; Oversized everything, face masks, crazy hats, work wear, weird accessories, bold hair colors etc. People all over the world gasp over him and want to recreate every look that he wears.

You can never guess what extravagant things he will be wearing even when going to the airport. And that right there means that he has a huge archive of creative Asian streetwear outfits that you can draw endless inspiration from.

  • Youngjun Koo

Not only is he one of the greatest street photographers in the game, but also is one of the unique street style icons himself. All the years that he spent taking street look pictures all over the world gave him a lot of knowledge about street fashion and definitely helped him evolve his own style. He is working with huge magazines such as New York magazine and is taking snaps of celebrity’s street styles such as the street style god himself Asap Rocky. But he is not always behind the camera; many street photographers love to capture his own looks. Youngjun Koo loves to wear monochromatic colors, oversized fits, dad sneakers, military boots and layered pieces.

Be prepared for tons of inspiration on fashion weeks since this guy is not messing around; he is providing us with both with street style photos and with his street looks.

  • Sung Jin Park

This South Korean rapper is known and loved for his Leon and burglar inspired outfits as well as the famous Canadian tuxedo looks. Besides music he also models for big brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, J. Crew and Bottega Veneta. Sung Jin Park loves dark colors, denim, suspenders, cool sneakers and sportswear in general. This style combined with his signature buzz cut gives him the serious urban street looks that Korean street style lovers embrace so well. But don’t jump to conclusions about him, Sung Jin Park often combines his monochromatic and dark looks with female bags.

  • Kim Taehyung

BTS is not only the most loved Kpop boy band in Korea and around the world but also the most stylish group of boys that you can find in the music industry. Each of them has his own unique style but one thing in common; they all always experiment with fashion. They look stylish on stage and even better in paparazzi snaps. Kim Taehyung known as V from BTS has a very extra street style and is a fashion role model for a lot of Korean boys. He always looks effortlessly cool with his oversized grandpa nits, bold prints, colors and accessories. Who knew that you could look stylish in airport paparazzi photos. Well, V provides an entire street culture with amazing looks while traveling and being a busy super star.

We need to appreciate the few male celebrities who continue to inspire us with their street fashion choices and who not only wear trendy luxury brands that we can’t afford, but also support small street style designers which are more realistic for regular people. The daily snaps of their outfits help men around the world to style street items the right way or get ideas about what street fashion actually represents.